Tesla is the Most Patriotic Car an American Can Buy!

Tesla is the Most Patriotic Car an American Can Buy!

The best and most compelling video for Americans to support Tesla and help the future of the USA.

redacted | 11 May, 2019

Nice video. I think it's the only car company that makes its own robotic automation systems and seats, too.

Anthony J. Parisio | 12 May, 2019

BEST TESLA VIDEO EVER! Americans need to wake up and get with it. Tesla employs around 40,000 Americans helping to make us rich. Oil companies sell us Arab oil making people who hate us rich and powerful. What makes more sense?

Mike83 | 12 May, 2019


Anthony J. Parisio | 12 May, 2019

We need to get this into more people’s sights.

Tropopause | 12 May, 2019

I posted it on the four main forums here. I also noticed this YouTuber, "TwangnBang", has 419,000 subscribers so he's definitely getting the word out to many. Tesla should unite us not divide us.

Anthony J. Parisio | 12 May, 2019

“Tesla should unite us not divide us.” Amen! I posted the video to my Facebook.

barrykmd | 12 May, 2019

I stopped buying American cars after a POS '76 Bucik. I inherited a POS '82 Buick with marriage. Been very happy with Japanese reliability since then.

So now I own an American car again and the way the company treats its customers is pathetic. Not a great selling point for American cars.

Firaz | 12 May, 2019

@Anthony re: first post, agree with reducing foreign oil consumption in general, but I would suggest not generalizing, the actions of a few twisted minds should not be projected on an entire group. It is true that region is in urgent need of change though.

ktslab | 13 May, 2019

However America it is, it is wise to keep an open eye and open mind when spending $100K on a car.

I've seen what corporate America does to US consumer.

Anthony J. Parisio | 13 May, 2019

Firaz & ktslab,
I agree with you both.
I hope Tesla never looses sight of the fact, customer satisfaction is the only way to get eclectic replace fire.

kerryglittle | 14 May, 2019

When I first saw the title I thought it said pathetic. My dyslexia kicked in for a moment. LOL. Good video. Thanks for the share.

SoCal Buzz | 15 May, 2019

Great video, perspective and message. I wish all of our politicians would embrace supporting US technology and thought leadership. Missing an opportunity.

Tropopause | 15 May, 2019

These idiots in Sacramento, CA sure don't understand what the word "Patriotic" means despite wearing his "Merica" shirt. Actually I'm not sure if his shirt is legit or facetious but either way, they keyed a Tesla and were caught by Sentry Mode. Hope they get the book thrown at them.