Feynlab ceramic coating

Feynlab ceramic coating

I had my last car done with Opticoat and was happy with it but when I tried to call the detailer who installed it he was apparently out of business. While looking for another detailer I found one who said he doesn't use opticoat any more because too many of his customers wound up unhappy with it and recommended this Feynlab which I had never heard of before. Anybody here know anything about it or have any recommendations?

SoCal Buzz | 13 May, 2019

Love it... my detailer installs both and recommended that I switch from OptiCoat Pro to Feynlab. I had OptiCoat for 5+ years on 2013, and Feynlab since last September on 2018. So far I like it better, given the resistance to bird, water stains and other marks. It seems easier to maintain, and so far has not required any light polishing to actually remove something.

As with most ceramic finishes, proper ongoing washing and maintenance is necessary. I use to get an OptiCoat tune-up every 2 years, and will target the same with Feynlab.

Madatgascar | 13 May, 2019

I had OptiCoat Pro on my S, and switched to Feynlab on my 3. So far I like the Feynlab better.