Nightmare sales order process for model 3

Nightmare sales order process for model 3

I ordered a model 3 in Italy March 15,2019. I am already a proud owner of a Model X for over a year. The order process went ok, some issues but nothing very serious. However, now it has entered the twilight zone.

In Italy government passed a law that allows me to get 4,000€ instantly off the car for an electric car and 2000€ additional if I bring a qualified ICE car for trade in which I have. The vendor (Tesla) just enters the information on a government web site and the they get the 6,000 € and I get and invoice for 6,000 less for the car.

The model 3 arrived at The Tesla office about a week later (sometime around end of March) and is sitting there in the parking lot waiting for me to pay. Tesla has been unable to provide a valid invoice so I cannot pay for the car. They put the 4000€ rebate in the invoice but is unable to put the line item for the trade in of 2000€. The story of why has been changing and the latest is that Tesla’s IT system does not allows them to enter the trade in and they are waiting for the US corporate office to update the system. No date for this resolution has been given. In the meantime I got calls telling me that they understand if I cancel the order. Really? Tesla prefers if I don’t buy the car?

I have had many calls and in person discussions with the local Tesla office in Italy and they just blame others with no timeline for resolution.

I find the whole issue very strange, the lack of interest even more puzzling and the lack of sales and customer management just plain mind boggling. I am losing faith on Tesla and its mission which I have been an ardent supporter until now. Needless to say, the car was for my wife and she is beyond upset telling me that we should send Tesla to hell.

I have sent messages in various ways (social, email, even LinkedIn) directly to executives and no answer.

Any ideas anyone? I don’t want to cancel the order and while I could forget about the 2000€ I don’t understand why I should.

Anyway, if anyone has any contact or suggestions to get attention to my predicament I would appreciate it very much.

I can’t believe I am having so much trouble giving a company over 50,000 euros.



derotam | 17 May, 2019

Suggestion...get more people to order a Model 3 in Italy. The more people ordering the car and bringing up the issue, the faster Tesla will figure out how to make everything work in the paperwork.

Remember, when countries/localities make/change laws, it isn't always so easy for companies to adjust their systems. It's easier for a consumer to apply for a rebate from the government sometimes than it is for a company to deal with the bureaucratic, paperwork, and IT issues.