Set of 19" Slipsteam for Sale

Set of 19" Slipsteam for Sale

I am selling my 4 x 19" Wheels from my MS. I upgraded to 21's. Tires (Goodyear Touring) have less than 200 miles on them as they were taken off about 2 weeks after MS delivery. Wheels are perfect - no rash or any visual or other issues. Wheels come with TPMS and Center caps.

I reside in SF Bay Area. See for pics.

Tropopause | 27 May, 2019

How much you asking?

franc90D | 28 May, 2019


Tropopause | 28 May, 2019


I'll give you $1,000 and I'll pick them up today at the Dublin Showroom if you're able to meet me there before traffic gets heavy, or we can arrange another location and date.

Email me if you're interested at nocabaawt at yahoo dot com.

franc90D | 29 May, 2019

Update: These are now pending local pickup for 1100

Tropopause | 29 May, 2019

Thanks for the update.

franc90D | 30 May, 2019