Loss of monitoring (ie.

Loss of monitoring (ie.

Having only owned my Tesla solar system for about 8 months, I'm completely floored at this announcement:


Can I monitor solar production on my desktop?
No, solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

Can I still view my historical system impact and usage?
Yes. Once you’ve selected either ‘Impact’ or ‘Energy Usage’, you can select from preset timeframes to view your historical data.

However, you will no longer be able to download data on your historical production. To continue accessing your solar monitoring data, retrieve and download it from your MySolarCity account before August 1, 2019.

This is outrageous! I have a many thousand dollar solar system on my roof and the only means I have to monitor it is a phone app with no ability to see graphs of real time usage or production, compare historical data beyond a limited range, and no option to download data for my own analysis and record keeping?! I own this system, Tesla has no right to restrict my access like this. Clearly Tesla just burned any thought I had about expanding my system with a PowerWall, or any other Tesla product.

Is this a breach of contract? What are my options to replace this useless monitoring that Tesla now offers? What are my minimum requirements to let this useless monitoring system check-in to maintain my warranty?

alex.l.williamson | 29 May, 2019

Looking at my documents, I believe this is a breach of contract. Under "The Tesla Promise" it states "We provide 24/7 web-enabled monitoring at no additional cost." App-based monitoring is not web-enabled monitoring. Furthermore, in the performance guarantee and limited warranty section, my contract states "During the Warranty Period, we will provide you at no additional cost our PowerGuide Solar Monitoring Service (“PowerGuide”)." This app-based monitoring is not even close to equivalent functionality of that provided through PowerGuide. I've filed a ticket with support, but have received nothing more than an automated acknowledgement so far.

jlhm | 30 May, 2019

I agree, this is bad.

D_a_n_i_e_l | 30 May, 2019

Yes, this reduction in functionality is a huge issue.

mdettinger1 | 30 May, 2019

Completely agree. Have a 13KW system since 2016 and have only monitored it from PC. I often compare production vs utility to better understand the changing rates and various grid-tie in fees. I can't do those comparisons with a mobile app that doesn't allow for downloading or screen scraping data. Also as an IT web security person my colleagues in mobile security are quick to point out all the flaws and vulnerabilities in using a mobile device for data management. Though the data isn't financial I still don't want it only on mobile.

jlhm | 30 May, 2019

I own all my equipment so I expect tesla will give me full access to my solaredge device after this change.

alex.l.williamson | 30 May, 2019

jlhm, if you don't have that now, why would you expect a change?

jlhm | 30 May, 2019

Because if they remove the access of historical data via the web I would need to access the equipment directly to get it.

alex.l.williamson | 30 May, 2019

That seems optimistic. If I could pull the data directly from my inverter electronically I wouldn't be nearly as upset about this, but I've seen no offer to provide that sort of access as a replacement.

chancellor32 | 1 June, 2019

Aren’t you able to pull the info from the solar edge inverter?

alex.l.williamson | 1 June, 2019

We don't all have solar edge inverters

stupidnenu | 1 June, 2019

Solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

jlhm | 1 June, 2019

I’ve no data access to the solar edge device. All access to data is via the web site.

jameschansen | 2 June, 2019

This was concerning to me ever since the app first launched. I gave my feedback, heard nothing. Expected they'd definitely address it before cutting off the solarcity app. This is completely unacceptable.

caesar305 | 2 June, 2019

I'm actually looking into purchasing their Solar System, all these recent posts have me staying away at the moment.

alex.l.williamson | 3 June, 2019

Maybe just get close enough to provide that feedback to a Tesla sales rep. Seeing that their product is not competitive as a result of this decision would be the most direct path to change.

shanesato | 3 June, 2019

I went rounds with customer service last year trying to get access to my SolarEdge as well as documentation and warranty manuals. They would provide me with nothing. I argued that I own the system, why do I have to go through SolarCity for anything. The service manager told me straight up that she agreed with me, she has no reason why, but it was their policy not to provide. I purchased the system with a guarantee of generation amount. Now they've taken away the only tool available to hold them to it. Even the previous tool was sketchy as it was managed by them, not the native inverter application. How do I know if they are bumping numbers up? Now I don't even have that!!

shanesato | 3 June, 2019

Sent an email to the email address on the contract. Here's what I sent:

I was informed via email that the MySolarCity would be discontinued and replaced with the Tesla App. I am writing to you in protest of the new system.

My sales contract with SolarCity states: During the Warranty Period, we will provide you at no additional cost our PowerGuide Solar Monitoring Service (“PowerGuide”). PowerGuide is a proprietary monitoring system designed and installed by SolarCity that captures and displays historical energy generation data ...

The PowerGuide was both a web based and app accessed program displaying the historical data for the lifetime of the product. In addition it provided opportunity to store, access, download all of the historical data. The historical data included temperature and cloud cover data.

Items lacking from PowerGuide to Tesla:
1) Access via Web,
2) Ability to download data,
3) Weather including temperature and cloud cover,
4) Historical data display, including all past years and lifetime summary
5) Real-time generation data (the "Now" function)

By contract referenced PowerGuide you are obligated to provide me this data. This data is necessary for me to evaluate performance against your Performance Guarantee. You have taken away my ability to track the data and solely rely on Tesla's good faith to monitor, report, and compensate me accurately. As can be seen above the Tesla app is NOT an "or equal" to the PowerGuide.

On Page 1 of the agreement
The SolarCity Promise
 We provide a money-back energy performance guarantee.  We warrant all of our roofing work.  We warrant and repair the System. We fix or pay for any damage we may cause to your property.  We provide 24/7 web-enabled monitoring at no additional cost

So as part of your PROMISE I initialed, you state "We provide 24/7 WEB-ENABLED MONITORING at no additional cost". Tesla's phone app with no ability to download, record, print data is NOT "web-enabled".

Tesla's removal of these functions are a breach of contract executed between me and SolarCity. I am requesting that these functions be either incorporated into "Tesla" or MySolarCity remain active.

I did not purchase a car. I purchased a solar system. Please honor your commitment to your customers that were loyal to the core company that generated Tesla. Thank you.

alex.l.williamson | 3 June, 2019

Well done shanesato!

lisa.m.snyder | 4 June, 2019

Agreed! Well written.
If the app doesn't represent all the data, in the same format, they're clearly dropping the ball!
Interesting to see their response if you get one.

healeyjohnski | 4 June, 2019

I also agree with the comment from shanesato.

Where do I sign up for the class action suit? That may be the only way to change their approach.

pichner | 4 June, 2019

Add me to the list of customers greatly disappointed with this, the Tesla App looks pretty but is a joke for those who like to use that data we were promised by contract for the life of the contract. In my case its 20 years from April 2019.

alex.l.williamson | 4 June, 2019

I'd encourage everyone to contact Tesla via phone. I filed a ticket online as soon as I learned about this and there still hasn't been a response to it. If you send email and don't get a response from a human, assume no human ever saw it. I called on May 31st and the rep seemed surprised that my contract specified "web-enabled monitoring". He agreed with me that app-based monitoring is not web-enabled and claimed to escalate the issue to upper management. They need to hear from everyone who is opposed to this, and especially those where this violates their contract and anyone considering a Tesla system where this would be a deal breaker.

dmpierce | 4 June, 2019

I agree, there should be a pc based system to monitor my solar panel production. I don't understand the reasoning for pulling the Internet based ability to see my system online using my laptop/desktop pcs.

rwsulli | 5 June, 2019

I had Tesla service techs here for some other issues and mentioned this to him. He said yes the web access is being discontinued, this is the 21st century, nobody uses a computer anymore!! How many college students will tell you they write ten page MLA research paper on their smartphone? I have not received the letter yet but when I do I will also be filing a complaint. Tesla is not some startup operated out of a basement. They could have a top notch web portal that both looks and functions great.

alex.l.williamson | 5 June, 2019

"...this is the 21st century, nobody uses a computer anymore!!" is perhaps the most short sighted, narrow minded response possible. Someone on the FB group with ties to Tesla also referred to the web interface as "old school". This attitude seems to completely disregard consuming the data for analytics, record keeping, the ability to measure against production guarantees, the ability to incorporate data into automated smart home decisions, not to mention contractual obligations!

In any case, I don't think you need to wait for an email, the link in the original post announces the demise of the web portal and your service tech confirms it, make your voice heard early and often.

vincent.cornacchia | 5 June, 2019

This is unacceptable. Not only is it s breach of warranty, however for those of us that live in states where we need to track SRECs like NJ, downloading the inverter meter reading was critical to get from the website so we can log our production. This is a huge loss of functionality.

rkelley78 | 6 June, 2019

I use the Solar City app to report solar generation amounts each month because I own my SRECs ( live in NJ). They seem to be removing this ability. I need to call them and have them tell me what is their recommended alternative. I don't think I'll be happy...

ddjdm | 7 June, 2019

Not happy at all with this change. What was wrong with the original functionality that we all used and apparently liked? Move to a new app - no problem, but take away functionality and you have issues. If Tesla doesn't correct this, I will stop recommending and being an advocate of Tesla solar.

ronfranceschi | 7 June, 2019

Like many of you, I am incensed that "Tesla" (aka Solar City) has now taken the low tech road to limit us long time SC solar customers by reducing the reporting capabilities of our roof top systems. I've had 2 rooftop systems on my home running side by side since 2013. The first thing Tesla did when setting up this phone-app based replacement of the old PowerGuide reporting was to limit me to ONE system. When I got on the phone with them I also mentioned breach of my PPA purchase contracts. The did lead to at least getting both systems on that phone app.
But it's worse than that. All of your comments about how inadequate the replacement is are so true. We can't gt historical data to print, as there is none. We can't monitor on daily basis with accuracy to compare our utility solar production data and basis for billing, etc. They treat energy customers like step children or after thoughts. Just toss us a bone and we'll be quiet.

We need (a) daily, (b) weekly, (c) monthly, (d) yearly, and (e) LIFETIME production reports THAT ARE DOWNLOADABLE AND PRINTABLE AND CAN BE ARCHIVED FOR LATER ACCESS. This looming lack full data on the app is a breach of contract as we're due payment from Solar City/Tesla should they fail to meet contracted projections of production, at least so stated in my 2 Power Purchase Agreements with the company.

How can we spread this insult and demand being made whole through the "Social Media"? I'm not that familiar with it but perhaps others who feel as those among us who are upset here can move this outward and forward.

We do need to get the attention and commitment of Tesla's top governing board and management structure to correct this ASAP.

gregbrew | 7 June, 2019

Add me to the list of those disgusted with Tesla for this obvious breach of contract.

lovebugtimme | 20 June, 2019

Not happy with the new Tesla app. It won't even come up on the phone, states we have no products linked to our Tesla account. I can access it on the desktop. We leave every summer and like to see our daily production as we are not home to ensure it is working correctly. It definitely is a breach of contract! Tesla needs to fix this issue and before the August 1, 2019 cut off date.

bobvowell2005 | 21 June, 2019

The tesla solar new app does not have the lifetime usage I need this for my srect account my warranty states that solarcity city will provide this powerguide I will seek legal action If this Is not resolved,

Arnold.c.r | 23 June, 2019

The Tesla App is useless. I need to have support transfer over my Solar City account. Problem with that is each time I call support for ENERGY the hold time is over an hour... PLEASE. Besides this problem, from what I have read, I see No Means of accessing my system for production on a NOW, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR or lifetime basis.
Someone said they were able to get to the IP address on the inverter. Who knows how to do this? Do I need to have Support help? Need to do this before TESLA changes to the APP only access which is a violation of my contract of me being able to monitor my own system and not rely on them to see that it is doing something.

Help, How do I get to the IP or MAC address on the inverter so I can monitor it dierectly?

pborissova | 24 June, 2019

"Light" in the tunnel:
'Please note we have a few feature enhancements coming to the Tesla app in the coming months:
You will be able to view your solar production for any historical day, month or year
You will be able to export your solar and battery production data'

pshetter | 25 June, 2019

I have just recently become aware of the discontinuance of PowerGuide and the fact that their new "app" doesn't provide the monitoring, real-time usage, and historical usage that we currently have; and use regularly. I actually use it to make sure my A/C, pool pump, and other critical loads are working properly. In addition, I am not a "phone" type guy; I use my computer. I would have to buy a new phone to use the app. Not what a guy on limited income wants to do. And, as some of you have already stated, this appears to be a breach of contract. Has there been any discussion about as a group, challenging Tesla to reconsider? Or a class action legal challenge? Not what I would want to do but, individually we have no power, but together we might get them to come up with a better plan!

pshetter | 25 June, 2019

I just saw "pborissova" post from June 24th, explaining that some additional features are coming on the app. I am certainly pleased to read that. I assume this person is a representative of Tesla, and I thank you for the information. Now the only problem I have is using the app. As stated previously I utilize a PC for this and do not have a phone that will support the app. As a retired person on limited income I do not want to buy another phone just so I can use the Tesla app.

alex.l.williamson | 25 June, 2019

It's not only about the features of the app for me, it's about access to the data. My contract does not require me to own an Android or iOS device for monitoring, it only requires me to have a web browser. Maybe they support the app on the mobile device I carry today, what about next year, or five years, or twenty years. My choice of mobile device is now restricted by my ability to maintain monitoring. Maybe next year I have a corporate phone that doesn't allow me to install personal apps. I can't monitor the app on my desktop, I can't write my own code to collect data from the app. Improving the app is no light in the tunnel, it's not even a stopgap.
I'd once again encourage everyone to make your voices heard to Tesla, I see no evidence that they participate here or care about the outrage expressed here. An app does not meet the contractual obligation of web-enabled monitoring. The August 1st shutdown is self imposed by Tesla, the fact that they don't have a plan to honor our contracts beyond the deadline is Tesla's fault, not ours.

DermMD | 26 June, 2019

I had my system installed in March. Operational May 1st. I didn't even know there was a web portal until now. Anyhow, some of the enhancements referenced above to the App are already available in the App. To me, I guess not previously having been privy to this if for no other reason, the App is adequate and the data referenced by many others here would mostly be useful for selling solar credits. However, as I understand it, here in MD I can report actual production or the state agency in charge of this can estimate based on the size of my installation. Indeed right now I am able to see total production since install as well as time periods including weekly, monthly and yearly. Additionally the App shows real time production and usage already. So what is the issue, again?

pborissova | 26 June, 2019

@pshetter - I'm not Tesla representative, just shared the update on their app overview page
@alex.l.williamson - "light" does not mean light...
Probably they have really good idea how many users are accessing to look at the production data, how often they do this, and to what extend (browsing, downloading, sharing). And some corporate big shot looked at the chart and killed
For me, the real reason for those "future options promises" is because somebody got contracts with us run thru the legal dept. Obviously, the number of "computer only" users is even smaller.

Ferangel | 27 June, 2019

Can anyone tell me how to see my productions? I’m originally a solar city customer and when I log into the app says I have no products linked to my account

DermMD | 28 June, 2019

@Ferangel Tesla customer service will have to send you an email with links for you to agree to terms to enable your access to your Solar product

kevin.joye | 30 June, 2019

I agree with shanesato. How can we monitor against our performance guarantee without being able to access and store all of the data? I see they said the app will include these features, but I'll believe it when I see it.

dsdee | 1 July, 2019

This is horrible. I want... I need... to be able to view my data on a big screen, not on my phone... What about the people who do not have smart phones or are not able to install additional apps on their smart phones tue to employer requirements? This totally removes the ability to have any insight on my system. BAD BAD BAD customer experience... One of the main selling points of Solar City for me was the ability that I had access to the raw data, not some pre-processed graph. BAD.

rkelley78 | 1 July, 2019

I just called Tesla customer support, and they confirmed that they're working on adding the "PowerGuide" types of features to the Tesla app, with a target to be ready by 8/1. I hope they're successful, I'll wait and see... I didn't ask about web-based availability...

edwardneal2222 | 1 July, 2019

From a legal point of view does an app that accesses information that is stored on the web qualify as web based monitoring of that information? If the information and the program to calculate that information are based on Tesla's servers I would assume the app is using the web to access that - right?

edwardneal2222 | 1 July, 2019

for storage of my historical solar production and consumption I have maintained a separate Excel spreadsheet for each year since my system was turned on.

alex.l.williamson | 1 July, 2019

@edwardneal2222, the network protocols are only tangentially related. Yes a web page uses HTTPS and likely so does the app, that's simply a common means of data transfer, it's only one layer above TCP/IP. Using a protocol shared by web applications does not automatically make the Android/iOS app "web-enabled". The "web" here is an abbreviation of World-Wide-Web (remember www), which is a subset of the Internet which is accessible via a web browser. Note for instance how the Sense energy monitor lists separately "iOS, Android, and web apps". I think this is a good indication that the tech industry as a whole differentiates mobile apps from web-enabled apps, where the former is restricted to supported platforms while the latter is available via any web browser, mobile or desktop.

edwardneal2222 | 2 July, 2019

Thank you Alex - - - -good information

andrewmatta | 3 July, 2019

As with everyone else here, I'm extremely disappointed by this. The existing SolarCity interface is great, and it's crazy that a company like Tesla, touted for its electronic prowess, would be removing features rather than improving them. They should not be shutting down the existing site until their new solution offers feature parity with the old one, especially desktop web access. As others have noted, "web-enabled" doesn't mean "you can only look at it through a proprietary application on a mobile phone", it means that any standards-compliant web browser on any device should be able to use it.

gadieter | 3 July, 2019

I too am disappointed in the way Tesla is handling (and sounds like dismissing our requests).
The Tesla app needs to be improved to provide the monthly totals of energy produced a little bar graph with no numbers is not helpful. I do prefer the old webpage (, for the details.
I have been basically tracking my total production, to make sure my system is having no issues.
Issue #1 - Telsa needs to provide "proof" that it is monitoring our panels. If they are responsible for the maintenance, how do we know they are doing that?
Issue #2 - I bought my panels outright from SolarCity, so I'm concerned that Tesla will not support my home system. This inability to monitor our power generation is my primary concern (as an indicator that they do not care).