Are these noise normal?

Are these noise normal?

Hi all, pretty new here with the car and I can't tell if this is normal or not, any help would be appreciated.
At the time of delivery, I don't recall these noises but now I do after having it for 2 weeks, and 1200km driven.

1) When I manually turn on the fan, it sounds like an old fan need to start to run smoothly but if I turn it on at a later time, it doesn't have the same noise.
{video clip]

2) When pressing on the brakes manually, like at the traffic light or backing up from a driveway. Does this noise sound like it needs to be looked at?
[video clip]


Neomaxizoomdweebie | 8 June, 2019

First one doesn’t sound normal to me.

Second one sounds like your brake calipers got wet and maybe have some rust or dirt on them. Try this: set low regen braking, do a couple full brake applications from 50-60 mph, see if that knocks off whatever may be grinding in the calipers.
Try backing out of driveway again and see how it sounds.

kcheng | 8 June, 2019

1) what the... that was weird. Reboot, and if it still sounds like that, get it checked out.

2) are you talking about the sound at 0:13? a small clunk? Doesn't really sound normal either.

billlake2000 | 9 June, 2019

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jefjes | 9 June, 2019

2 weeks is so new that it could be something or nothing, let Tesla put your mind at ease by having one of their techs listen to it and make the call. It may be a hassle depending on where you are located but better safe than sorry. I'm on 1 year and 12k miles and have been very pleased with Tesla service coming to my home on any issues I felt needed attention. They just opened a service center near me recently so I would probably make an appointment and drop by for them to address your concerns if it were me.

82bert | 9 June, 2019

Agree with others. First noise seems off. Reverse brake noise is likely dust or something, but if it persists, have it looked as well. Could always get both looked at since first one definitely needs a check in my mind.

TSLA3 | 9 June, 2019

RE: Neomaxizoomdweebie

Thanks! I tried it after and noticed only happens to 'standard' regen settings; if I changed it to 'low' no is no grinding noise...

RE: kcheng

The grinding noise when I press the brake when coming out from drive way.

RE: jefjes

I have an appointment tomorrow and they are redoing some paint jobs and will get a non-EV rental car.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 9 June, 2019

I don’t think it was the regen causing the noise. It was rust on the brake calipers. The brake calipers don’t get a lot of use when regen is being maximized by a good Tesla driver. My recommendation was simply a way of cleaning off the brake crud that was making noise.

In short you should turn your regenerative braking back to Standard.

TSLA3 | 9 June, 2019

I did remove my aero covers from day 1, but I don't think it matters? What I am not understanding is with 'low' regen, there is no noise no matter if I brake hard or you happen to know why the regen braking is so quiet on its own?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 9 June, 2019

Regen is quiet because there are is no mechanical friction. You’re using the motor as a generator to slow the car down and harness all that kinetic energy.

If your brakes are quiet with regen set to Low it’s because the brake calipers are smooth, free of dirt, and are operating like they should. Braking shouldn’t be a noisy affair.

Trekman | 9 June, 2019

@billlake2000 - How many here do you think would pick up on that reference? (Nice)

billlake2000 | 9 June, 2019

Apparently, only you Trekman. Fun, huh?

TabascoGuy | 10 June, 2019

@bill, I'm sure there was more than two that chuckled at that reference.

TSLA3 | 12 June, 2019

dropped the car off in the morning yesterday, got a rental car (toyota camery), got the car back today...
they said they can't reproduce the fan start noise...and the brake was mentioned but they can't hear it either

had two paint chips (after u open up the trunk) and they did a paint repair...but it looks two different colors...
the paint over the chip areas are more like just silver vs midnight silver (more like metallic grey) T.T

TSLA3 | 12 June, 2019

here's the color difference -

Magic 8 Ball | 12 June, 2019

I couldn't hear a thing in the videos = high maintenance customer.

OMG touch up paint used in the trunk that does not match perfectly, oh the horror, and confirms high maintenance customer.

Syed.Hosain | 12 June, 2019


Yeah, the first sound is kinda unusual. Almost like a fan blade is touching something, or a bearing is so-so during the fan spinning up, etc. Small enough sound, but worth checking out to prevent future issues perhaps.

On the second video, if you meant the clunk, that sounds like the parking brake releasing ... the information popup you saw happens for me on slight slopes where the software wants to prevent my car from starting to move till I press the brake pedal. The movement sound was too faint for me to guess what it is.

Nexxus | 17 June, 2019

@billlake and @Trekman,

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lordmiller | 17 June, 2019

I've never even looked at the paint in my trunk. The fan sounds a little weird but everything else seems fine.
@Magic 8 Ball - high maintenance indeed

Trekman | 17 June, 2019

@TabascoGuy - Yes, but I can do the Fortnight dance too! How's that for a range.

billlake2000 | 20 June, 2019

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