Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

I have had multiple problems with this feature since installing the latest update. This would be tolerable, if it were possible to permanently disable it. But the fact that it reenables itself automatically each drive is intolerable.

I have a 3x5 card on my console now to remind myself to disable the problematic technology each time I start the car, which ruins the aesthetic value of the interior, and makes sure that every time I get into my favorite toy my experience now begins with a few moments of irritation.

I can tolerate this for about another week. If the next update does not allow for the owner to turn off this feature (as well as any other AP features) and have it *stay off* I will sadly have to dump Tesla.

(I am aware there is another thread on the Lane Departure Avoidance feature. I made this thread to be clear that this is about the *Emergency* LDA, which cannot be permanently disabled.)

dsvick | 10 June, 2019

You'd be better off sending a note on this to Tesla rather than posting here in the unmonitored forum.

roaddevil | 10 June, 2019

Just wonder what exactly the problems you have, I have it on all time since the last update .16.2 , I did not experience any issue.

tigerkc | 10 June, 2019

Please explain exactly what is the issue not working for you?

Magic 8 Ball | 10 June, 2019

So it can be disabled and you are whining that it is inconvenient to have to do it before every drive.

That one thing is a showstopper for you enough to drop the car despite the other virtues.

Do you have 3x5 to remind you to put your clothes on in the morning? How 'bout brush your teeth, is there a reminder for that also?

charles.a.braun | 10 June, 2019

Set your calendar to Sync with the car.

Create a daily recurring appointment for 7AM that says "Disable Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance."

No need to set a reminder to chime on your phone.

Now every time you get in the car, your calendar will pop up the screen first thing and you will see the reminder.

Ditch the 3x5 card.

(I used to have a post it note stuck to the screen reminding me to plug in my blackvue that I have a location based reminder on my phone telling me to unplug. Then Tesla finally added Calendar Sync and the post it note went away and I started doing it this way.)

NEKEV | 10 June, 2019

A major annoyance for me as well with multiple false positives each day. Maybe it works great in urban areas or on major roads with well marked lines, but on secondary and dirt roads, it is useless. Had this feature been turned on when I first got my car, it would have been returned within the 7 days/1000 miles.

casun | 10 June, 2019

i’m sure your ultimatum already made it’s way to elon. expect an update by friday at the latest.

lordmiller | 10 June, 2019

@casun LOL, hilarious! This guy is full of crap.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10 June, 2019

You can't afford to wait a week. Dump it now.

clilienstein | 10 June, 2019

Even though I turned off the lane departure avoidance, intermittently, when I was changing lanes on straight streets without traffic, or getting on or off freeways, with or without signaling, the wheel was being taken over to keep me in the lane, and I'm not sure what was dragging my wheel without my wanting to be dragged, but this is unsafe AND annoying. When I'm trying to avoid bicyclists, I am not expecting the wheel to tell me to stay in my lane. I took it to Tesla dealership and told them I didn't appreciate the feature and they gave me the choice to permanently disable it, which I did. I hope to be able to drive this car without it causing me to have unnecessary adrenaline rushes and unsafe momentary confusion.. .if this is "standard" it should be fixed.

gballant4570 | 10 June, 2019

OP, I am assuming here that you are not a dumb ass..... there is an easy fix for this. I felt quite stupid once I discovered it. Rather than disabling the feature every time you drive the car, simply set the feature to "Assist" rather than "warning". Your life will improve measurably. And you won't go around making dumb ass statements about dumping anything.

gballant4570 | 10 June, 2019

clilienstein, once I set as described above, the wheel will nudge the car back into the lane, without the annoying warning that is the cause of most of your adverse reaction. When the turn signal is used, the assist will not operate. At least it works that way in my car - and I imagine in most all others.

dwakelee | 10 June, 2019

The OP is talking about the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance option, which must be turned off every drive. Lane Departure Warning can be set to Off / Warn / Assist as you mention - but that is not the feature that many have issue with. I imagine the OP already has that set to Off.

All these Lane Departure options are confusing, but it is the ELDA feature that is the troublesome one that can't be permanently turned off. It might be a life saver for highway driving, but presently it misfires way too much and is a safety hazard for country roads. Quite a few threads here and on the other Tesla forums.

That is interesting info that service can permanently disable ELDA - that would be great news. Did they revert you to old firmware before the feature, or do something different?

smogne41 | 10 June, 2019

Also very interested how you got them to permanently disable this. I 100% want this as well.

mmm | 11 June, 2019

I want it off too, 100% agree.

howard | 11 June, 2019

ogdrake +1
smogne41 +1
mmm +1

The Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance is behaving just like standard Lane Departure Avoidance. This should not be occurring when I have Lane Departure Avoidance turned off, there are no potential vehicle collisions, no other emergencies, I don't even actually cross the right line, on a clear sunny day. Here is a video clip showing the front camera, right repeater, and my iPhone. I slowly drift off toward the right line never fully crossing it, like I am dogging a pothole in the middle of the road, and the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance kicks in and pushes me back into the pothole. It illustrates the same issue as being reported by others.

I have other similar clips from my drive home yesterday as well, including on a 4 lane divided boulevard with nothing around. This one I was a bit better with the iPhone capture.

The Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance should be default off unless selected by the owner until Tesla has it working correctly.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 11 June, 2019

Awesome! It works exactly as advertised in order to keep drivers from crossing the line and whacking bicyclists, pedestrians, cars, or going into the ditch. Thanks Howard!

lbowroom | 11 June, 2019

Howard thinks it should only do so if a collision is about to for sure happen.

smogne41 | 11 June, 2019

A critical part of defensive driving is to be able to react to the conditions at hand quickly and accurately, and with your full attention. This feature as implemented interferes with all of that that. If it was actually working as described in the release notes, there might be some justification for defaulting this to on every drive (but I still believe we should have choice in that regard), but it is clearly not. I realize distracted driving is a huge issue, I have had friends hit by distracted drivers and it is terrifying. However, until a feature like this is in a mature state of development (it is clearly not) and tested rigorously by some independent 3rd party for safety and effectiveness, we should all have a choice in turning it off permanently.

tigerkc | 11 June, 2019

I found no issue with this feature and it had not bothered me in anyway. The car goes in the direction I steer it to, and I have found no instance that this feature has impeded my driving. Do you drive with at least one hand on the wheel, or with just a finger ?

Frank99 | 11 June, 2019

ELDA falsely alarms a couple of times a day for me. Highly annoying.