Something crawled into my AC and died

Something crawled into my AC and died

At least it smells like it. Maybe a mouse?

Anyone else had this problem and know where to look?

It looks like the air intake is under the frunk hood near the windshield, but the grids seem too tight to let a mouse through. Getting to the filters seems a little tricky.

Lonestar10_1999 | 11 June, 2019

Make a service appointment. It may take a good deal of disassembly to determine whether a rodent got in and you don’t want to accidentally break something while you’re tinkering. Even experienced factory trained technicians break things. The difference is, if they break something, it would be their responsibility to fix it.

M3phan | 11 June, 2019

Have you left your climate control on recycle? That can lead (as another owner here helpfully pointed out) to smelly mold in your system. I started smelling a touch of taint, switched to external air intake only and smell went away.

Keelandb | 11 June, 2019

In the rural place where I live in southern Louisiana we have developed a rat problem. This is the first time in the 22 years that we have lived here. With too much rainfall the rats look for a dry place to nest. They have nested in our attic, our Dodge RAM pickup and in our Subaru Forester. A lot of the wiring in the Subaru has to be replaced. In the past week the mechanic who is working on the Subaru has worked on 3 other cars that were attacked by rats. As for the attic we have learned from "backyard chickens" that rats do not like peppermint oil. A diffuser containing a mix of water and peppermint oil has ran the rats out of the attic. Yes, we have also put rat poison in various places, but it is not enough.

My concern is what about our M3? I've sprayed the water/peppermint oil mix on the underside of the car in an attempt to discourage the rats. Any suggestions?

jjgunn | 11 June, 2019

M3phan | June 11, 2019
I started smelling a touch of taint
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Magic 8 Ball | 11 June, 2019

Park near an ant hill, they will take care of it for you.

M3phan | 11 June, 2019


johnmerb | 12 June, 2019

I did make a service appointment, though it takes weeks for one in SoCal. I also dropped by a Tesla service center hoping they could just take a look, and they would have but I couldn't wait two hours so I have to wait for my appointment. The smell is definitely some dead animal because it is getting worse and gives me a headache. The guy checking in cars says that happens often and that they get somewhere under the frunk. Given that I'm surprised there's no report of it here on the forums except for me

rxlawdude | 12 June, 2019

I think the thread should be re-titled: "I smell a rat."