Electrician for wall connector install in PA

Electrician for wall connector install in PA

Curious if anyone would share who they used to install their wall connector in the Harrisburg area of PA. Had my P3D for about a week and “slowly” charging off of 110v limits how much spirited driving I can really do. My wall connector is being delivered today so if anyone has any suggestions on who to use that would be appreciated!

CST | 17 June, 2019

You probably want to update the spelling error in the title.

Tronguy | 17 June, 2019

Minor comment. I actually went through Tesla's web site; they have "recommended electricians". You're under no obligation to use such, of course, but, with the crowd I used, they took pictures of their installation of the TWC, the wiring inside the TWC, and a couple of detailed pictures of the breaker installation on the panel. Said pictures showed up on Tesla's web site.
My take: If Trouble Occurs, Tesla's support people can pull up said pictures and Look For Error, a useful thing, I guess. I presume that a non-Tesla batch won't be doing that.
The costs for my installation weren't excessive, but the installation was pretty simple with the breaker box physically right next to the car. Took the two of them maybe 45 minutes to put it all in, but that's why they're pros :)
A couple of final notes: Size of the breaker panel matters; a Real Electrician does a calculation that works up the size of the panel and how much load it has on it and determines whether the additional breakers for the car doesn't violate standards and code. A gonzo might not do that, which leads to problems with the electrical inspection later.
Max load on a M3, at this time, is 48A at 250VAC, which calls for 60A breakers and wire gauge to match. But, in principle, one can use a bigger wire gauge and breaker size (say, for 100A) so that one might be able to support multiple TWCs for multiple cars down the road. I thought about it, but stuck with the 60A approach.
Finally: The electrician I worked with was going to have to come out to do the estimate. I short-circuited that trip by taking pictures of the garage, the breaker box (door open), the inside of the garage, and where the TWC was desired. That was good enough for him and saved a bit of time.