Driving a Tesla through a major lighting storm

Driving a Tesla through a major lighting storm

Yesterday evening, on my way back home, we ended up in a major lighting storm. According to the news, 16,000 lightning strikes. Here's a video from the TeslaCam (A 20 minute drive, with only the big lightning strikes showing).

I know that it's pretty safe for a normal car to go through lightning storms because the metal cages actually protects (not the rubber tires what many people think). But since the roof and big part of the rear is all glass, does this mean it's safer, or less safer?

TabascoGuy | 19 June, 2019

Oh my! I better stop driving my convertible around with the top down when it's raining.

Uncle Paul | 19 June, 2019

I have seen no reports of any such problem.
Nor have I seen anything from all the other cars with large moon roofs.

sabbia | 19 June, 2019

Uncle, not to worry. According to your worldview, those with large moon roofs have more money so have less concern about lightning. There will always be a hospital bed for them.

Xerogas | 19 June, 2019

@mickel.werner: safer

kaffine | 19 June, 2019

A little bit less safe but probably not by much. The metal creates a Faraday cage which is what protects you. The large gaps between the metal due to the glass would provide a place for lightning to go however it is more likely to be attracted to the metal still. The glass being an insulator should help keep the lightning from wanting to strike anything in the car directly as the much more conductive metal is going to be a better target.

I've worked on a truck struck by lighting. It turned the cooling system into a battery and was causing the truck to shut down as it thought it had low coolant level. Had to change the coolant to get it working again.