State Inspection in PA

State Inspection in PA

Took delivery in Maryland but live in PA. I was told to take my model 3 to any place that does inspections close to where I live. Has anyone had any good experiences in central PA? Mechanicsburg /Harrisburg/Hershey around that area.

Lonestar10_1999 | 29 June, 2019

I brought it to the local Toyota dealership in the Reading area. They did a great job and were more than appreciative to do it. Do you have a local dealership that you have a working relationship with?

dbrum98 | 30 June, 2019

If you have a trusted mechanic, just ask. My guy in King of Prussia area had already done several Tesla inspections. For EVs, PA safety inspection comes down to tires and brakes The only problem he had was finding the milage number in the touch screen!

vanfriscia | 1 July, 2019

I was in the exact same boat as you last year. I ended up taking it to Friends Automotive, a small used car dealer in Carlisle. You'd never think to consider it if you drove by them, but those guys have been very good to me and my family over the years. Just good, honest dudes. My 3 was the first they'd ever seen, and though they had done other Teslas before something was different with the M3 that took them a bit longer to figure out. Still, they were happy to do it and I trusted them. I'll be going back there soon to do it again.

pdgecko | 1 July, 2019

On the recommendation of a few other Tesla owners, I took mine to the Firestone Complete Auto care on Paxton St in Harrisburg. Called them first and they were familiar with working on Model 3's. That said, I still printed out the sheets from the manual on how to 1) Properly pull off the Aero covers, and 2) Lift the car. Just include those in the work packet as a reminder.

reeverodrigues | 26 September, 2019

@dbrum98 , the guy in KOP . Does he change Tesla brakes/pads ? Would you b able to share his details

emailpauldasari | 20 March, 2020

@dbrum98, looking to have a state inspection done. Can you please share the KOP service place that does this inspection?

bp6442 | 22 March, 2020

I use AAA garage