Average wh/m for M3 commuters (in LA)?

Average wh/m for M3 commuters (in LA)?

According to TeslaFi, I'm averaging 170wh/m in my M3 SR+. I took delivery May 8 and commute roughly 40 miles a day/200 miles a week in LA freeway traffic with about a 600ft elevation grade change. My commute this morning was pretty standard and shows 21.84 Miles Driven; 16.95 Rated Miles Used; 162 Wh/Mile; 128.8% Efficiency.

Since I'm still fairly new to all things Tesla, does this seem average for my M3 and commute? I tend to keep the air on level 1 and it's just me and my dog in the car. Feel like I should be getting better wh/m but I literally have no idea.

82bert | 17 July, 2019

You feel like you should be getting better efficiency than that?!?

That’s quite good and more than beating the rated efficiency. What am I missing?

triton3 | 17 July, 2019

Too many variables can affect the wh/m, grade change, speed, outside temperature...
Ranges anywhere from 165 - 220 wh/m for my M3 Mid Mid range, 100 miles a day, mostly on the 405 freeway, 300ft elevation grade change.
No major additional electronics in use.

artfuse | 17 July, 2019

@82bert like I said, literally no idea. New to EVs in general and Teslas specifically so just asking questions to see what others' experience is like.

@triton3 100 miles a day mostly on the 405?! you're a masochist.

82bert | 17 July, 2019

If you’re beating the rates range by nearly 1/3, you’re certainly doing well. I live a much different environment in MN, but even during the late spring and early summer, at best I was hitting 195 wh/mi with my highway commute in traffic. I have LR AWD.

artfuse | 17 July, 2019

@82bert makes sense. thanks. FWIW i'm mostly curious because i have my first big planned road trip coming up and i don't have a case study for it yet, just these daily 40-mile round trips...not the same as 3 hours through the desert :)

82bert | 17 July, 2019

Use abetterrouteplanner online (wish it had an app). And be conservative, because you’re right, you won’t get the same efficiencies. Summer is definitely the best time for EVs.

artfuse | 17 July, 2019

yeah, I've mapped it out with abetterrouteplanner and plugshare and it seems reasonably doable, i just want to be able to hop from supercharger to supercharger and not have to waste time at 14-50 chargers along the way.

82bert | 17 July, 2019

100%. I’m sure you will be good.

triton3 | 17 July, 2019

@artfuse, Masochist, Ha! Thank the 405 for my owning an M3! The best 100 mile daily drive ever!!!
BTW, if you have EAP, it'd do a better job at maintaining a lower wh/m.

artfuse | 17 July, 2019

@triton3 I have EAP! I have about 2 miles on either end of my commute that are surface roads, but the car drives for me the bulk of the commute.

rxlawdude | 17 July, 2019

Wow, 90 mile commute from Irvine to the Inland Empire, and I'm averaging about 240Wh/mi.

We've (was my wife's car for a year before I commandeered it for the carpool sticker) never really averaged less than that amount. New tires have pushed the average up, but lately consumption is getting closer to that from the OEM tires.

lilbean | 17 July, 2019

That number doesn’t sound right to me.

Tuning In | 17 July, 2019

After 18,000 miles with my commute mostly along the 91 & 5 freeways. My lifetime is 238Wh/mi.

burner818 | 17 July, 2019

I am in OC. Street driving mostly (70% street, 30% Fwy) = 223Wh/mi.

lilbean | 17 July, 2019

215 for me

burner818 | 17 July, 2019

For the folks that are getting <200Wh/mi. Are you guys pumping up the Audio/Music and also blasting A/C? How the heck do you get so low? I am pretty conservative driver and gets way higher then that.

triton3 | 17 July, 2019

@burner818, the main factor different between >200wh/m and <200wh/m that Ive noticed is the outside temperature.
There is a sweet spot temperature range where the M3 is most efficient. Per my teslafi data, max. efficiency is at 70-75 deg. F.

RES IPSA | 17 July, 2019

I get 242 Wh/mile on my LR RWD here in San Diego. That is after 8900 miles driven. Moderate AC use for 2 months out of the past 12 months of ownership... Never turned on the heater

casun | 17 July, 2019

i average 249.

kevin_rf | 17 July, 2019

@burner818 You do realize lower numbers mean it took less energy to drive a given mile. The higher the number, the more energy you used to go that mile.

170 wh/m is pretty good. I often see between 190 and 240 on my morning commute, and up in the 240-300's on my trip home. (Summertime, winter is much worse)

stopnair | 17 July, 2019

90 miles a day on I-5/ 210 ... 4 month old car. Put 6100 miles so far averaging 204 wh/mile.

Smalm | 18 July, 2019

Haven’t seen anything close to 170. My lifetime (1600 miles) is 239. Most of my commuting (short trip 4 miles each way is likely not helping) are around 275. Only seen 1 leg of a trip fall below 200 and that was Thousand Oaks SC back home to Irvine at 198. A/C on low, Bluetooth streaming, 4 people in the car, and not trying to hypermile, but also don’t drive it like I stole it at all times. Where I live it’s almost always 70-75 ;). Hoping after 2-2.5K miles it will improve or get more consistent as other threads suggest. One thing I don’t really understand is based on energy app it appears you need around 220 wh/mile to get “rated” range. Yet EPA, shows something like 247 city and higher highway, but still need to dig in and do more research to see if I’m misinterpreting those figures.

cpeppey | 18 July, 2019

I average 233 with lots of mid-west highway driving, Drove in some cold and some hot, so far consistent.

11,000 since April 6.

kevinpham_tx | 18 July, 2019

I average 216 with 70% high way (65-75 mph) during hot summer in TX, ~5000 since April, SR+. Tinting the whole car seems lower 10-15 wh/m.

teslu3 | 18 July, 2019

Your 170 wh/mi is excellent.
Mine: 179 wh/mi over last 7000 miles, mainly a100 mi commute from Irvine to the Inland Empire over Ortega Hwy (CA 74), nearly 4000 elevation gain.
Average is 203 wh/mi since new with 28800 mi including a 4000 mile trip to New Orleans. LR RWD aero wheels. Will soon need new tires, considering Yoko ADVAN Sport A/S.

rxlawdude | 18 July, 2019

@teslu, that 179 Wh/mi over the Ortega (I assume round trip) is more than amazingly low.

teslu3 | 18 July, 2019

Yes round trip. Ortega traffic keeps avg speed down, often 40 mph in the hills. On the off hour when I can do the speed limit avg is close to 200 wh/mi. The LR RWD aero is awesome!
Note about Ortega: from Antonio Pkwy east to Grand Ave is 28 miles, 2 stop lights, ~178 curves. The TM3 makes this a much more enjoyable ride any time of the day! AP works well except on the tighter curves.

beaver | 18 July, 2019

Wow you other LA drivers are slow
I live in LA but have a higher speed commute at 70-80 mph for 100 miles each way and I average 250 Wh/miles for 31,000 now

Being stuck in traffic is great for efficiency but bad for sanity :)

lilbean | 18 July, 2019

I actually don't mind the traffic when I'm in the Tesla.

Joseb | 18 July, 2019

I suppose driving at 5mph in average is what makes the difference? :-)

170 wh/mi is insane.

I'm around 220, and 240 since I got it.

TrexTesla | 18 July, 2019

For comparison to other EVs, it's often useful to convert to miles per KW (I think that's right). That's done by taking your wh/miles and dividing it into 1000. So, you are gettting 5.88 miles per Kw! Someone can correct me if I got the nomenclature incorrect or the formula...I know the math works out correctly.

I believe the Model 3 is rated in the 4.5 range which would be 222 wh/mile. Others like the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar i-Pace are in the 2.4 miles per kw I think...So, if you're beating 222 wh/mile, you're in the green! I've only got about 1k on the odometer. It's been hotter than a snakes butt in a wagon rut here in Virginia Beach and my commute is about 1/2 at 55 mph, and 1/2 at 65mph for a 20 mile one way and I'm getting around 206 going to work (cooler so I turn off AC) and about 220 on the way home. I do notice the nose dive once I go onto the 65mph highway...I need to get some buddies and start a tesla peleton for commuting!

TrexTesla | 18 July, 2019

To correct my previous post....the Model 3 LR AWD (what I drive) has a 75kwh battery (so we're told) and is rated at 310, that would work out to 4.13 miles per kw. Doing some public math, that would get you in the area of 245 wh/mile to meet the rated performance of the car.

I believe the SR+ is a 50kw battery rated for 240, that would be 4.8 miles/kw. or, 208 wh/mile...So, still supports everyone's position that 170 wh/mi is pretty darn good! Time to let it loose, put the pedal down, and see how fast you can burn up electrons now to find your range!!! LOL