Orange County California Desperately Needs More Superchargers

Orange County California Desperately Needs More Superchargers

Apologies if this is the improper forum, but there is no traffic in the Southern California subforum, and this issue needs to be addressed.

Orange County California has many problems with supercharging.

Problem #1: Not enough superchargers
Map of superchargers:

If you live in South Irvine, there are no superchargers within 10 miles. And I don't have any actual statistics, but there are seemingly thousands of Teslas in the Irvine/Lake Forest/Tustin/Newport/CdM/Laguna area. This has to be one of the highest per capita Tesla areas in the world. I've had my car since mid 2018, and before I even joined the waitlist I read about a supercharger planned in Irvine for Summer 2018. Yea, still waiting on any details whatsoever over a year later. Many Irvine communities have outdoor parking with no charging options. I have to plan my life around when I'm going to charge my car, as I'm sure many others in the area do as well. We simply need more superchargers.

Problem #2: The existing superchargers are packed

The above video was taken on a Monday at approximately 12pm. I was _SEVENTH_ in line for a stall. So not only do we need to drive at least 10 miles to get to a supercharger, but once there we usually have to wait >15 minutes to even begin charging. And then because it's a high traffic supercharger, charging is topped out at 80% charge. So not only do we have to wait before beginning, but we have to leave early which only forces us to come in even more frequently.

Problem #3: The existing superchargers barely work
It wasn't visible in the above video, but one of the stalls was not working. And then when I parked my car into one of the other working stalls, here was the result after 1.5 hours:

I started charging with 36 miles, 90 minutes later I had 121 miles and the rate was down to 27 miles per hour. This is less than double the 15 volt chargepoint stalls.

-no superchargers within 10 miles of me
-always packed, limited to 80% charge
-broken or poor charge in many stalls

I'm tired of wasting multiple hours a week dealing with charging queues. Give us more superchargers and fix the ones we have.

NKYTA | 18 July, 2019

“This has to be one of the highest per capita Tesla areas in the world.”

Come to the Bay Area ;-)

You didn’t mention that you could or could not charge at home or work. Just a general statement that there are some who need the urban chargers. I’m very lucky to be able to charge either our 3 or S at my office. Definitely one of the perks of being in Silicon Valley.

Darthamerica | 18 July, 2019

I think there’s a lot of potential with the Urban Superchargers. At 72KW they aren’t the V3 powerhouses but they are plenty fast enough to give you a good enough charge for serious driving. Also they give you time to go into a store or something. I use the Manhattan Beach Urban Supercharger and for me it’s quite good. If Tesla could get more of those deployed in the South Bay, Palos Verdes, Long Beach and O.C. area I would be even happier.

Uncle Paul | 27 July, 2019

Congested urban areas are the ones most often congested Superchargers. Where Superchargers are used for long distance travel, they usually have space available, except on special occasions or hollidays.

In Orange County the chargers are usually full because people have no charging capability where they live or work. ApartmentCondo dwellers rely on having a Supercharger or 3rd party fast charger available whenever they need some juice.

Tesla is aware of this and has installed a lot of new stations and expanded the older ones in Orange County. They are increasing the speed at which they charge and improving communications where an owner can view on their screen where the closest Supercharger might be with extra capacity.

These places are only filled duing the congested times. Late at night or early morning them most always have slots available. Got to learn the usage patterns of chargers in your area, so you can arrive at the off times. Just like at local Costco stores. Often a long waiting line is there in the busy times.

Don't expect a resolution immediately. The Model 3 has been hugely popular in Orange County. It is well priced, great looking, very trendy and has become as aspirational purchase. They are all over the place, and they all seem to want to fill up at the same time. Many of the current Tesla come with some sort of free Supercharging for limited periods of time. Owners seem to want to use the Superchargers exclusively while that is in effect, clogging up the stalls faster than Tesla can build them.

Of course the obvious solution is to install a fast charger where you live or work. Then you never will need to wait in line again. There is a great luxury in plugging in your car when you come home from work, and having it freshly charged the next morning. That is the ultimate Tesla experience.

SamO | 28 July, 2019

Same shitshow from 5 years ago. Tesla has done a decent job/best on the planet but hasn’t kept up with California deliveries.

Their success has compromised their customers. Same for service density in California. And Norway.

Hopefully they will improve their current plan #soon

Yodrak. | 28 July, 2019

"there is no traffic in the Southern California subforum"

What Southern California subform? Are you in the wrong forum althgether?

"Problem #1: Not enough superchargers"

Many people are of the opinion that superchargers are intended for long-distance travel. In urban areas, people who buy electric cars do indeed have a problem if they live in apartments or condos where they cannot install home charging, but in urban areas Tesla is not the only entity that provides charging.

Tesla2018 | 28 July, 2019

Most other parts of the country have superchargers that are 25 miles apart or more. When the modelS first came out the nearest ones were almost 100 miles apart here in Florida so I didnt buy one in case a supercharger was broken and back then the cars didnt have the range to get me to relatives that lived 250 miles away.

Jeez what a whiner. In some parts of the country like AlligatorxAlley in FL or around the Rio Grande in Texas, the nearest GAS station is 50 miles away. Kind of dumb to buy an electric car if you dont have any way of charging it at home or nearby. You should have bought a hybrid instead. Makes about as much sense as buying a hydrogen or propane powered car if you live in North Dakota.

SamO | 28 July, 2019

It’s not an opinion. Supercharging is built to enable trips AND to provide charging to people who have no home or work charging.

Per Tesla’s own statements.

Fuck dirty ass hybrids.

NKYTA | 28 July, 2019

“Tesla2018 | July 28, 2019
Most other parts of the country have superchargers that are 25 miles apart or more. When the modelS first came out the nearest ones were almost 100 miles apart here in Florida so I didnt buy one in case a supercharger was broken and back then the cars didnt have the range to get me to relatives that lived 250 miles away.”

Clearly you were not the target group, you entitled Trumpian.

I guess Elon is catering to you too.


geo.teepe | 31 July, 2019

Not charging at home makes a Tesla less convenient than gas car, cheaper yes, but what a pain.
I drive Tesla's since 2013,I live in Orange County,have not yet charged my car in OC.
I always felt,getting power to my car was my responsibility.

SCCRENDO | 31 July, 2019

I have a supercharger 2 miles from my house in OC. I keep meaning to try it out | 31 July, 2019

@ ryan.daut - I don't mean to be harsh, but...

#1 - "Want a Supercharger closer than 10 miles of me." That's actually fairly good. I wouldn't expect another closer one. I'd guess 90% of Tesla owners are further away, so they are likely to get one long before you see one appear closer to you.
- option 1 - move closer to a Supercharger
- option 2 - Install charging at home (understanding that may not be possible)
- option 3 - Use one of the many L2 charging stations - likely one close to you
- option 4 - Pay to have one installed in your front yard. Don't laugh - someone did this.
- option 5 - Perhaps an EV is not suitable for your lifestyle

#2 - "The existing superchargers are packed." Well at the one day and time you cited.
See options 1 through 5 above.
- option 6 - go at a different time

#3 - "Existing Superchargers barely work." This is just nonsense. Yes, on occasion a stall may be out of service. Tesla seems to be very proactive in fixing SC problems. In 6 years and many travels, I've only encountered one bad stall. Moved to another and charging worked fine. Alerted Tesla, and it was fixed the next time I used that location.

OCModel3 | 7 August, 2019

It may not be scientific, but I was told by a tech at the Costa Mesa service center in Orange County that it is the busiest Tesla service center in the world. I believe it based on what I have seen whenever I've been around it.

Not sure if the data is available, but I agree with the OP based on having spent a lot of time in the Bay Area, LA metro and Orange County. There cannot be any area with a higher proportion of Tesla's than OC. They were already present with the S and X, but then it just exploded with the Model 3. Even in my neighborhood we went from just my 3 bought in October to now four of them within a ten home section.

Many of us have installed home charging, but the OP is correct that the few SuperChargers in OC are overloaded now. The original S owners who have free supercharging for life seem a bit peeved with all of the new 3s pulling in to take their spots. The Westminster location opened since the 3 was introduced, but nothing else. And literally thousands and thousands of Tesla's are showing up on the streets. They definitely need to add at least one more SC.

BTW, for those criticizing the 10 mile standard, remember in SoCal 10 miles=30-45 minutes drive time!