Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

I see a Tesla page giving prices etc. for extended Warranty but no way of buying. Anyone know what i should do?

cookingnut | 31 July, 2019

If you go into Manage you can get to the payment from there. My question is how many are actually buying the extended Warranty?

Triggerplz | 31 July, 2019

I got my P90DL May 2016 my warranty expires May 2020 if I keep my vehicle I’ll Definitely get the extended warranty, Right now I’m leaning towards keeping it, its still looking new with the Xpel and Opticoat Pro Plus there’s no nicks, scratches or paint twirls and I only have 17.000 miles

jjgunn | 31 July, 2019

You need to let me or Bighorn come over & drive that thing for you.

Triggerplz | 1 August, 2019


ashish34 | 2 August, 2019

I can see prices but no way of paying them. Any suggestions?

Triggerplz | 2 August, 2019

@ashish34 on your Tesla page go down to Extended service agreement under it click view and purchase plans next you will see 2 long boxes one for 2 year one for 4 years click the box DO NOT click on “learn more” in red, next the choose payment method will highlight click that then you will be able to pay for it, there are a few states where you can only buy it at the service center