LTE randomly not working in areas with great reception

LTE randomly not working in areas with great reception

I have been experiencing a problem with my new Model 3 (Late June delivery). Every once in a while the LTE connection does not work (a few times for the duration of an entire trip). I get a slash through the LTE signal bars. Letting the car go into deep sleep mode usually resolves the problem. I have a Tesla service appointment for Monday but was wondering if anyone else has seen this problem and had a successful resolution.

johnw | 1 August, 2019

I have experienced this several times, especially when on road trips for some reason.

I have 2 solutions for you:

1) This works most of the time. Do a full restart. According to a tesla support rep, you have to hold both of the steering wheel nipples down until the 'T" logo appears- you can't just release when the screen goes dark. This has worked for me most of the time. Note that you can do this while driving, it's just a little disconcerting and you should be somewhere where you can live without the screen for a minute or 2.

2) This is a hack I haven't seen posted anywhere yet. With the car in drive, pull over, but DON'T put the car in park- just tap the brake to put the car in hold. Then tap on the LTE icon on the screen & turn WIFI back on. Set up your phone to be a hotspot & connect the car to your hotspot. Voila! All your car functions will now use your phone's data to function. If you have a light-weight data plan, you probably don't want to do this except in an emergency.

johnw | 1 August, 2019

Note for step 2 above, if you put the car in Park and then back to drive it will shut off the WIFI automatically which is why you need to leave it in drive.

NYCTeslaMan | 1 August, 2019

I have a Verizon hotspot in the car that i use for getting updates - my car is in a NYC garage so i don’t have WiFi otherwise. I used that a successful backup.

I did try to switch on and off WiFi it no avail. I also tried to reset, which did not work. But I did not hold until I saw the “T” - so perhaps that would work.

Is this something I should bring to service or is it a known bug that I just have to live with?

hokiegir1 | 1 August, 2019

The car uses AT&T, so could it be a spot where the signal is just bad or overloaded? I have had certain updates that have caused LTE issues, but typically the next software version corrects it. Just be sure to press the right button and say "bug report - LTE dropped" once it comes back on (if it's relatively recent -- if it's been hours, that isn't very helpful to them).

If you have an appointment already, particularly if its for something else as well, I'd mention it to them. If it's just for this, I might cancel and see if the next software version fixes it, and if not, then go in.

johnw | 2 August, 2019

@NYC, this happens to me very sporadically so I haven't raised the issue with support yet. I suggest just monitoring it for a while unless it's out constantly. It may be just glitchy connections.

robertswilliam5419 | 26 March, 2020

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