Wall Charger mount on double gang?

Wall Charger mount on double gang?

For all you that have a Tesla Wall Connector, can it mount to a double gangbox? Right now I use the mobile charger with a 14-50 plug. If I took the 14-50 plug out could I mount the wall connector to the double gang box? Thanks!!

GrumpyinAZ | 7 August, 2019

Tesla has designed the unit to accept conduit with the 240v line. It is mounted to a wall using a base plate or screwed directly to the wall, and then the conduit is attached. The base plate is not designed to mount to the surface of a double gang box, and, as the unit is pretty heavy, if you did so somehow, I'm not sure how stable the Wall Connector would be.

If your double gang box is embedded in the wall, you or your electrician can figure out the parts that would allow the electric wires to come out of the box, then snake through conduit to be attached to the Wall Connector. You'd then splice on more wire in the box and run it to the Wall Connector. If the double gang box is surface mounted, then you can remove it and run the conduit into the Wall connector. You'll need about six inches of wire.

I'd strongly suggest that you bite the bullet and hire an electrician to do the installation. If that means getting a permit, then that's the price of safety.