New 2019 Model 3 SR+ @ 100%???

New 2019 Model 3 SR+ @ 100%???

New 2019 Model 3 SR+ @ 100%???

It’s only showing 236mi. I know it will go down over time but this is new?

raqball | 7 August, 2019

That's about where mine stops charging the few times I went up to 100%... I've had it 6 weeks. I have started using battery % instead as I think it's more a more accurate stat to gage the battery on..

Smalm | 7 August, 2019

I’ve never seen 240. Last two were 232 and 234. Maybe it’s going up ;). Have had it two months 2300 miles.

gballant4570 | 7 August, 2019

pilotsmith69, its not easy on this forum, but if you look back through previous threads there is a whole lot of discussion on this and closely related subjects. There are add-ons (I use one) that add an ignore list and a search function to the forum that makes it easier....
Bottom line is your range and efficiency is better monitored using your wh/m average rather than your estimated SOC mileage.

vincelorto | 7 August, 2019

gballant4570 +1.

Its just an estimate of how far you can go based upon your previous driving habits plus what you run while you do it. You're a lead foot and you've been showing your friends and family how cool and fast your car is :). I also have a SR+ and have seen 230 mile at 90% charge once.... (just once).

gballant4570 | 7 August, 2019

My LR AWD never charged to more than 306 from day one - until a month or six weeks ago, it started charging to 310. I generally end up giving it a 100% charge about once a week. Then a couple of weeks ago that went back to 306. I am quite certain battery health is not a factor in any of it. Perhaps firmware updates, algorithm refiguring,, but it is a mistake to think there is an indication of battery health in there.

Joshan | 7 August, 2019

read this link halfway down how to fix incorrect readings.

Prof1ig8tor | 3 November, 2019

228 at 100% for me at 5,100 miles

Lonestar10_1999 | 3 November, 2019

I suppose its possible to exceed 240 miles if you turn off all unnecessary loads (I.e. lights, radio, ac, heat, usb appliances, no AP) and drive like grandma on her way to church.

But why deny yourself the creature comforts unless you’re M3 is in danger of not reaching the charging stations.

kel_carrigan | 4 November, 2019

im At 8000 miles over 7 months in my SR+. In the update just before V10, I saw a 7% loss in indicated range. My 90% is now 202 miles.
I would be ok with the battery showing an “estimated range” based on previous driving habits, expect for the fact that my average watt hours is 225 wh/m, which is very conservative. Doing the math, I shouldn’t have any loss in “estimated range.”

Bighorn | 4 November, 2019

When are people going to grasp that it doesn’t matter?

PixelatedDensity2 | 4 November, 2019

I've only had my car a couple weeks and charged once to 100% and it was 236. And even from only having the car a couple weeks I can tell you weather and temperature will be the biggest factors with your actual range. That number it gives you inside the car is so trivial. Warm and sunny you'll likely get over 240. Rainy windy and cold you'll get 40-50% of your range.

Devilstower | 4 November, 2019

236 is exactly what my SR+ got the first time I want to 100%. Seems typical.

RayNLA | 4 November, 2019

Just drive charge repeat!
You will be happy :)

ElectricBiker | 4 November, 2019

246miles (100%) is what I get on 2019 SR+ with 400 miles