WAWA is going to double the number of Tesla charging stations at their locations.

WAWA is going to double the number of Tesla charging stations at their locations.

This is great news. Having a charging station at a WAWA is great because they are open 24/7, have reasonably good quick service food, and clean bathrooms.

So you can stop, charge, and grab some food/drink all at the same place.

andy.connor.e | 9 August, 2019

funny to think that if a place has supercharging stations, they're VERY likely to get visitors and business from them (the Tesla drivers that is)

SamO | 9 August, 2019

Wawa makes their money from food and services, not gasoline.

This would have been headlines three years ago, and still would be major headlines if electrify America was going to do this kind of roll out, but these 15 stations, each having 8 to 12 stalls, is just part of the plan. Tesla has thousands or even tens of thousands more stalls then they are nearest competitor in the EV charging space.

reed_lewis | 9 August, 2019

My point is that having Tesla stations at a Wawa is a great idea because they are accessible 24/7 and provide the services that Tesla drivers need when charging. This is much better than having a charging location near a mall which is open normal business hours. For example, the Super Chargers in Leominster, Auburn, and Framingham, MA have no 24/7 services nearby.

Electrify America is placing charging stations near malls and Wal-Marts. In New England, these stores are not open 24/7.

PrescottRichard | 9 August, 2019

Reed- really? I’m sure our Walmarts are 24 hour. Malls, not so much.

Yodrak. | 9 August, 2019

For the first time in years I was able to visit my adult kids and grand kids in NJ this summer. I was very pleased that the WaWa two miles down the road from one daughter, at a GSP exit, had Tesla superchargers. Made my week long visit just as easy for me as for all the shore visitors using the gas pumps.

tvarca | 9 August, 2019

My long distance travels are restricted to weddings. Last fall went to Laramie WY for a wedding had just gotten my Model 3 but did not take it. No super charger in Casper - there still is not? It is right in the middle of the state!
This September I am going to a upper Minnesota wedding venue, my preferred route would be across North Dakota. There are no chargers across N.D. - coming in 2019. Well 2019 is more than half over.
Would be nice if electrify America would put in some chargers where they are lacking.

Tesla2018 | 10 August, 2019

Yodrak-What exit? I only know of a few superchargers in the North Jersey area and am going up there soon and was worried I couldnt make it from near the Poconos to down there and back if I arrived late at night and could only plug into a 12v house outlet and then wanted to leave in the morning to go to the shore.

Probably going to go to Seaside on Labor Day weekend. Not sure if I am going to rent a car and drive up from FL or take the Tesla. If the rental car breaks down, I can always get a replacement. If the Tesla breaks down and I am in the middle of nowhete when visting friends around Canada then Im screwed since the nearest service center is hundreds of miles away. Might take the Tesla to NJ, leave it at a relatives and rent something there to use for the excursion further north.

Yodrak. | 10 August, 2019

"Yodrak-What exit? "

Exit 67, Barnegat Township. Closer to LBI than Seaside, but not all that far out of the way. I went up to Seaside.

I understand there's a supercharger station in Tinton Falls also, north from Seaside.

Have fun.