Shipping Tesla cross-country

Shipping Tesla cross-country

I will be shipping my Tesla M3 from LA to NY shortly, and am wondering if anyone else has had a good experience using a shipping service for their Tesla. Based on my research it doesn't seem like Tesla has any approved partners in shipping, and I want to make sure the company I use will handle the car with care. Any advice helps!

NKYTA | 11 August, 2019

Why not take a nice drive?

sbeggs | 11 August, 2019

Plycar scraped the front and sides of our Model S shipping Denver to San Diego in 2015 in enclosed transport. Their insurance paid $10,000 of body and paint, and that was just superficial damage from chafing, no impact. Car was out of commission several weeks. Avoid.

Uncle Paul | 11 August, 2019

Reliable has a good reputation, uses enclosed trailers with professional drivers, experienced in handling expensive collector cars.

rhj | 12 August, 2019

Ship Your Car Using Amtrak’s Auto Train
Ride along with it, make it an adventure

henrywilson571 | 14 April, 2020

My friend I was looking for the same service now in 2020, I had to ship my Tesla model X across the country from Washington D.C to L.A and probably it would took me too much time and money if I would use a standard shipping option from Tesla company. Honestly I was afraid and I wanted to have an enclosed transportation for my car to avoid the scratches or other things. I've searched for a good option on the internet and I was lucky enough to find the best shipping service in the USA. this is the shipping service I am going to use, they offer a great number of useful options that could be used for a transportation, even a GPS tracking system that will let me to see where my car is whenever I need

sabbia | 14 April, 2020

Henry: The Tesla app on your phone lets you see where your car is.
rhj: Unless something has changed, Amtrak has very few originations/destinations. Also, I've heard anecdotes that the service is not too goo and there could be long waits to load/unload.

andy.connor.e | 14 April, 2020

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sbeggs | 28 April, 2020

Too bad we can have more bona fide Tesla owners recommending shippers who completed cross country shipments of their cars. It would be valuable!

Tesla2018 | 28 April, 2020

I have heard that Horseless Carriage is very good. Their headquarters in right outside of NY. They ship a lot of exotic and classic cars to FL in enclosed trailers and also go to California.