New Tesla Floor Mats

New Tesla Floor Mats

Who's going to be first to buy these and tell me if they are better than the Maxpiders I was about to buy :)

raqball | 11 August, 2019

Not bad looking.. They are available in the Tesla store for $195...

cascadiadesign | 11 August, 2019

The new Tesla mats look better than most. Still don't regret buying the Maxpiders a year ago. To me the Maxpider textured finish looks more refined and less utilitarian than smooth, grooved mats.

M3D | 11 August, 2019

I kind of like the maxpider texture as well. Maybe the will force some downward pressure on price...

marinergreg | 11 August, 2019

Finally! A Mat that I like. Just got mine!

eplaskett | 11 August, 2019

Nope. They look fine but we prefer carpet, so we bought an upgraded set of plush mats. No real need for all-weather mats in my area, but if I did need them, I would consider these. My dad has the Maxpider mats and does like them a lot.

M3D | 11 August, 2019

@marinergreg let us all know how you like them when they come in

xterminator8 | 12 August, 2019

Just bought the Tesla ones. I think the only design flaw is that it covers only half the dead pedal.
I like the sipes of these mats instead of flat or semi raised bumps.

alisse | 12 August, 2019

I purchased the previous version of the tesla mats, and while happy with them I'm very tempted to pick these up. Especially before winter.

gmr6415 | 12 August, 2019

I purchased the first mats Tesla offered. My understanding was that they were made by WeatherTech. For me I like them, but I can see where if you lived somewhere with a lot of snow the lack of sidewalls could be an issue.

The only thing that ends up in mine is Florida sand, and it's easy to remove.

St☰v☰ | 12 August, 2019


+1 on carpet mats. Here in SoCal I'd never have cause to use the all weather mats.

M3D | 12 August, 2019

Looking at these and the Maxpiders I see that the Maxpiders seem to have some reinforced bits under the pedals, that might be a longer term benefit, though these new tesla ones might just be tough material? Being in the Northeast we get sand in summer and snow/sand/mud in winter so I think I need to step up from the carpet mats

wiscy67 | 12 August, 2019

Agreed that all weather mats not needed for So Cal I went with fitted pleather mats and gets lots of compliments on them. $160 for all five pieces
The trunk mat is particularly grippy so I don't get boxes sliding around back there.

jordanrichard | 12 August, 2019

IMHO all weather mats are not needed in any part of the country. I am in CT and have gone through 5 winters so far in my Model S, and still have my original carpet mats. I have also traveled 163,000 miles and the heel area is still holding up, meaning the carpeting has not worn through.

It is really, really ironic that what was once considered entry level and cheap (rubber mats) to have in one's car is now all the rage to "protect" the carpet mats.

Techy James | 12 August, 2019

I went with the Maxspider Floor mats. I love the fact the back seat is all 1 piece and has a lip that goes under the Center console to better protect the back seats. I live in Northern Ohio and those sidewalls and the cover for the dead pedal foot rest is great. Now if you don't have rough winters and not a lot of rain weather, then the sidewalls that the Maxspiders have may not be that important for your needs.

ywh0533 | 12 August, 2019

how about this one?
the backside looks will not move, and very safe

casun | 12 August, 2019

i bought all weather mats because they are just plain cleaner. you can vacuum and shampoo carpet mats and beat them like a rented mule; they’ll never be completely clean.

no rented mules were harmed in the production of this post.

Mikael13 | 12 August, 2019

I’ve been wanting a Tesla branded one and never really liked the all weather “mats”. Sure glad they came out with these “liners”. Added to my birthday list. Lol

And @ casun - LOL. I agree. I live in northern cal but cleaning would be so much easier with these than carpets. Always had all weather on all my cars.

M3D | 13 August, 2019

I haven't had the car through winter yet, but I have already had to shake out and vacuum a ton of sand, dirt and pine needles from the passenger side. One reason I want the mats is because while I am willing to make sure I don't track dirt in the car no one else is willing to bathe in Optimum no rinse and wrap themselves in saran wrap... I think I will be a lot nicer to my passengers if I feel I can easily clean out the dirt and snow they track in.

syclone | 13 August, 2019

@Casun: Why would you want to beat a rented Mule? Are mule rentals available anywhere anymore?

Pg3ibew | 13 August, 2019

Is there anything wrong with the Standard Floor mats that are sold on the Tesla website??

ICEMELT | 13 August, 2019

The Maxspider has a lip in the back as well making is a more well like design

jrweiss98020 | 13 August, 2019

Why do I get this on the 3D web site:

Models: TESLA MODEL 3 2019
Products are not available for your vehicle, Please contact us
Our customer service representatives will contact you"

M3D | 13 August, 2019

@jrweiss if you pick 2018 they show up though the images seem generic. I would guess bad web design...

casun | 13 August, 2019

syclone - i wouldn’t beat a rented mule myself, but some people would.

trust me, i can find you a mule to rent. if you promise not to beat it.

mdelro1 | 13 August, 2019

I am happy with Tuxmat brand.

Lovemeans86 | 14 August, 2019

this is why you cant buy anything right away with tesla. Bought the previous mats, now new mats? smh

AnglaGadapee | 2 December, 2019

It's great if Tesla decides to launch its own mats. However, I think third parties are also providing good quality mats for Tesla Model 3. Actually, I recently purchased this floor mat for Model 3 and found it very light and high quality. I got 6 pieces of it and all of them are waterproof. They worked well in summer and also showing good performance in winters. However, it would also be a good idea if Tesla works with the cooperation of third parties.

Varricks | 4 December, 2019

Nice looking, but still not a tall enough cover over the dead pedal. And, deeply-grooved mats are a royal pain if you plan to use some of your supercharger time to whisk-broom the floors.

Big_Ed | 9 January, 2020

Got the Tesla AW mats (the original ones, not the AW liners). Nice thick, grippy rubber. As Florida Man I agree with Casun, impossible to clean sand out of carpet mats. The lack of lip also lets sand and debris under the mats where it works into the floor carpet.

Only negative to the Tesla AW mats is lack of dead pedal coverage. Looking for a dead pedal cover, but I don't like the SS ones. Anyone know of a black one?