Dog mode = funny

Dog mode = funny

Kinda funny so thought I would share. The other day we were out for a drive in blistering hot weather, over 90 degrees. Had to stop at the corner store to pick up a couple of things and my wife said she would just wait in the car. So I put it in dog mode and got out of the car. When I returned she asked me if I was her owner? I realized what I had done and forgot about the message on the screen. I turned to her and said, " who's your daddy?". After she rolled her eyes ( I get that a lot) we both burst into laughter. Dog mode made our day. Well at least my day.

lilbean | 18 August, 2019

Haha! Who's your daddy, bitch?

Bighorn | 18 August, 2019

Bitch please

barrykmd | 18 August, 2019

kerry - we can't make a judgment on the appropriateness of dog mode without a picture :-)

Bighorn | 18 August, 2019

You’d best cc:Donald Trump if you want an unpresidented determination.

Anthony J. Parisio | 18 August, 2019

Nice store. Thanks.

kerryglittle | 18 August, 2019

My wife has a warped sense of humour like me too. Well not as warped as me but she's catching up. She's a good sport too which makes life great. :-)