Auto Pilot works in the Air

Auto Pilot works in the Air

But you probably already knew that since most air planes have the original true version of Auto Pilot.

That was it, just thought I'd share that insight.

OK, just kidding.

Change my wheels out today for custom wheels and had the car on the lift. Had to check clearance of the valve stems for the Tire Pressure Sensors and wanted to do so before they put all 4 wheels on the car. Just in case they didn't clear, then would have had to take them all off and dismount. Unfortunately, the parking brake automatically comes on, so the rear wheels can't be spun manually as the front can. So decided to see if Summon would work. Didn't know if it would as the car is so smart, but sure enough, it did. Only spun it for a half a turn to get the stem around to the lower control arm. But was nice to find another useful situation for the Summon feature.

bishoppeak | 19 August, 2019

Go to the service tab and select tow mode and you'll release the ebrake.

Tropopause | 20 August, 2019

I’ve seen many times when the airborne autopilot hasn’t worked as expected.

I just hope FSD works better than autopilot on our Tesla’s. Tesla gets FSD correct, and it’s game over for the competition.