Electrify America Charges Porsche Taycan: First Ever 800V At 270 kW

Electrify America Charges Porsche Taycan: First Ever 800V At 270 kW

NKYTA | 11 September, 2019

It’s a start.

“Electrify America (EA) got to show off the incredible capability of its DC fast-charging network.”

Hardly a “network” though. How many do they have? 3?

If they can build out as the same rate as Tesla did, you could get cross country by 2022.

Hard to stack up against:
1622 World
693 USA

And that would be 2026.

Here is to hoping. But don’t plan on it.

jordanrichard | 11 September, 2019

They clearly put wider tires/wheels on the car, hence the added fender flares.

jordanrichard | 11 September, 2019

I hit Save too quick.

I meant to say further that the wider tires are probably needed for better stability at speed and help it handle turns faster.

PrescottRichard | 11 September, 2019

Didn’t someone say 350Kw or am I remembering that wrong? Has Porsche backed off from this initial statement? Maybe it was 300, pretty close.

Good for them!

Frank99 | 11 September, 2019

As I understand it, the Electrify America chargers are capable of 350KW, but the Taycan charges at a max of 270 KW. Still impressive as hell.

andy.connor.e | 12 September, 2019

Darth clearly has a boner for Porsche.

jordanrichard | 12 September, 2019

This is great news. Also from what I read, the Taycan comes with 3 years free charging at the EA chargers. My issue with EA chargers is a vast majority of them are at Walmarts. Many of which aren't exactly just off the highway. So on a road trip, all you are going to see are Walmarts. That will get maddening real quick. In 2014 when we made our first road trip from CT to NC, at least 3 of the SC sites were located in plaza where the only food option was Panera Bread. This also meant on our way back we were faced with Panera Bread another 3 times.

In the next town over from me is a Walmart that is putting the finishing touches on an EA charging site. There are literally no food/bathroom options within a reasonable walking distance other than Walmart.

Now I fully understand/appreciate that the EA chargers, aren't just for roadtrippers. They need to accommodate condo/apartment owners as well.. However the problem still stands. The only place you have to hang out/kill time is a Walmart.

Tropopause | 12 September, 2019

When does the 270 kW charge rate begin to taper? Audi e-Tron carries the full 150 kW rate up to around 80%. Impressive. I just hope the Germans aren’t sacrificing battery life simply to one-up Tesla. | 12 September, 2019

@Tropopause - I guess we will find out in 4-5 years. Let's hope it's not VW's batterygate! Battery longevity testing is very hard to accelerate. It's one reason new and improved battery tech takes so long. Charging profiles also change between different technologies - so just using what Tesla came up with could be bad for a different battery cell design. I suspect they did their homework.

Now for China EVs - I'd have zero trust that they got it right. It seems every welding shop became an EV maker when China was giving out massive incentives. Just grab some discarded hoverboard batteries and connect them to a washing machine motor. What could go wrong?

andy.connor.e | 12 September, 2019

+1 @TT

Tesla has 10 years of battery testing and optimizing.

TabascoGuy | 12 September, 2019

Porsche owners are gonna take their Taycans to Walmart to charge?

jimglas | 12 September, 2019

@TG: that image brings a chuckle

andy.connor.e | 12 September, 2019

Thats a good insult for the manufacturer and the consumer. Who pays $180k for a car and shops at walmart

DonS | 12 September, 2019

The best thing about Porsche fast charging is that Porsche has deep pockets to remedy the likely problems that will show up later. That wasn't the case for Tesla early adopters who took a big risk. The first 6k or 7k Model S were bought before Superchargers were even announced.

Tropopause | 12 September, 2019

Deep pockets to remedy the likely problems that will show up later- such as failing batteries due to late tapering curve?

That must be the mantra at VW Group- roll the dice now, pay the law suits later. Customers are abandoning this corporation with each successive scandal.

Someday when the deep pockets belong to Tesla, they can simply acquire what's left of VW Group and rebuild in their vision.