Suspicious the medium battery is the same as SR+

Suspicious the medium battery is the same as SR+

Anyone else suspicious the medium battery is actually the same as the SR+ Battery? Is there anyone who gets anywhere near the suggested range of 260?

gmr6415 | 14 September, 2019

I believe they are the same battery, but the SR and SR+ is software range limited. The mid range is about 130 lb. heavier, so that could be battery capacity though.

llim3306 | 14 September, 2019

Battery size for SR and SR+ and MR always have been a mystery to me. The only way to verify the battery for certain is to look under the front wheel axle for the manufacturing sticker . Important manufacturing specs are on the sticker, and at the bottom of the sticker next to the VIN is the battery size--installed on the car. I have verified with several model and so far all SR and SR+ , including my SR+, are 50 kWh battery.

Hal Fisher | 15 September, 2019

Llim3306 which side axle? Knowing me I’ll jack up the wrong side first.

gmr6415 | 15 September, 2019

I took a look at the parts catalog and the SR and MR do have different part numbers for the HVBAT Assembly; whereas, the LR RWD and the LR AWD share the same part number. Keep in mind that, that's an assembly number though and the differences may not be in the HVBAT itself. Also note that the MR battery listed appears to be a reman; therefore, that could be the difference in part number too.


ASY,HVBAT,75kWh,AWD-RWD,1PH,M3,RMN 1137375-01-J

llim3306 | 16 September, 2019

@Hal Fisher, look under front axle by the right front wheel area. There should be a white sticker with all the specs on it including your VIN#. I crawled under several model 3 so far, not including my own....the sticker is there just takes a bit of a search.............:)