Teslas are Cheaper Now

Teslas are Cheaper Now

I'm strongly considering replacing my 2017 MX90D with a new MX. Starting the research process, I came across a spreadsheet I did back in 2017 when I was researching buying either a S or MX. Obviously, I finally decided on the MX.

We sometimes lose track of why we did what we did back then, but with this in hand it's an excellent explanation of something -- Tesla's two high end cars are now considerably cheaper than they were in 2017 with a whole lot more features.

This is the car I purchased and the options I went for back in June 2017

Tesla Model X 90D, Range 257 miles $93,500
Blue Metallic Paint $1,000
Leather Seats/Wood Trim $3,300
Enhanced Auto Pilot $5,000 (full autopilot was $8,000 then)
I took the standard 5 seat configuration
Premium sound System $2,500
Subzero Weather Package $1,000
Five seat standard configuration $0
Total Cost Before Taxes/incentives: $105,300

Here is the cost if I were to buy a Raven model today:
Raven Model X, 325 mile range $84,990
Bleu Metallic Paint $1,500
Faux Leather Seats/Wood trim INC.
Full Autopilot $6,000
5-seat standard configuration $0
Premium Sound System INC.
Cost: $92,490
Subzero Weather Package INC

That's a $12,810 price drop and you get a better equipped vehicle to boot. Enhanced Autopilot (no longer available) was an option halfway between just the basic cruise control that came with the car and full autopilot (then just a Musk promise for some future date). If you wanted the rear seats heated and heated windshield wipers, it cost $1,000 in 2017. Now, it's standard. The premium interior that cost $3,300 in 2017 is now standard. On top of this, Tesla installed a program earlier this year that gives customers free ludicrous mode if you trade in an S/X, which costs $20,000 if you don't have a S or X lying around to trade in.

It's the same with the S. If you were to have purchased a MS in 2017, the 100D version with 335 mile range, it started at $97,500. To equip one similarly to my X, it would have required $1,000 for blue metallic paint, $2000 for a sunroof (so that you could receive satellite radio), $3,300 for the premium interior with leather seats and wood trim, $6,000 for full autopilot, another $2,500 for premium sound, and $1,000 for the subzero weather package bringing the tally to: $111,000.

If you were to buy one tomorrow, that same car costs $87,490. That's a $23,510 price reduction with another 35 miles of range on the battery pack thrown in gratis. The same incentive to trade a MS applies netting you ludicrous mode on acceleration.

"But I don't care about all those add ons."
Fine, but you can get them anyway. You'd turn down free stuff? In any event, you still get the car starting off for $79,990 with all the goodies with the only add ons being full autopilot and upgraded wheels if you're so inclined. Where other automakers offer confusing and conflicting luxury packages, Tesla gives you the entire kite and caboodle with just a couple of other things to consider.

I know the above sounds like some kind of sales promo, but facts are facts. Tesla has significantly reduced the price of its two luxury car models in the last two years any way you care to measure. They said EVs would get cheaper, guess what, Tesla is proving it at least at the high end.

Xerogas | 15 September, 2019

@dmm1240: cue the whiners who expect a refund ;)

jimglas | 15 September, 2019

did you get the car you ordered for the price you agreed to?
if so, stop whining

SamO | 15 September, 2019

Great analysis and agree completely. The car is better and cheaper. Congrats to Tesla for continuing to advance the mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.

Forcing the price down, more than anything, has allowed more people to take advantage of the natural low cost of owning and maintaining an EV.

NKYTA | 15 September, 2019

+4 to all.

Techy James | 15 September, 2019

Wait a year and you can get the Plaid Option for even more performance.

David N | 16 September, 2019

Thank you for sharing your stats.