Red paint cracking

Red paint cracking

I have a red 2018 Model 3 Performance and I noticed the paint in the front facia is starting to crack. The crack is like spreading in multiple difference directions. Hopefully the warranty covers it. Anyone else have this happen as well?

Joni.Savolainen | 16 September, 2019

Yes. Many have different problems on paint on model 3. Have a look our facebook group for these issues:

Also you should see the latest news about Tesla model 3 paint: ( that is my car ).

Some pics & problems with model 3 paint on my youtube.

Tyguy | 16 September, 2019


Do you have any pictures? Are the cracks very thin, like a spider web? Typically bumper paint cracks are from an impact, like someone backing into your bumper, and occur because the plastic bumper flexes more than the paint is able to.