Come to me button randomly disappears in Android app

Come to me button randomly disappears in Android app

I'm on 32.11 with the lasted Android app and the come to me button that's right under the picture of the car randomly disappears. Anyone else experiencing this?

Doer | 29 September, 2019

Under car, autopilot, summon, standby mode, you can exclude home, work, and favorites. Not sure what that setting is about but, I did not have a come to me button until I drove to a random parking lot (not home, work, or favorite) and then a bunch of things corrected themselves.

tdwin2000 | 29 September, 2019

It shows up once your car is actually connected to the phone. It's more reliable to just tap Summon and use Smart Summon from there. The COME TO ME button on the home screen is kind of new and takes a little longer to show up. I have an Android phone and mine does the same thing. It's normal.

joelschochet | 14 October, 2019

With 32.12.2, it has also disappeared from my iPhone and after hitting "Smart Summon," there is no option for it. Oh, well. At least I finally got that update to download.

MTF16 | 15 October, 2019

Mine disappears as well, but it was because I just come out of a building and the phone needs a while to get a more precise location of itself.

teslamazing | 15 October, 2019

If you turned off “standby” mode it disappears on app’s main screen, however, appears when you tap the target icon on upper right corner.
summon -> smart summon -> tap target icon