Lane position nudge

Lane position nudge

Lane position.
Sometimes driving in the EXACT center of the lane is not desirable. Particularly on 2 lane county roads/highways. Most people, especially trucks, tend to cut the corner a bit, while the autopilot drifts towards outside a bit. That makes a right hand corner with oncoming traffic a bit nerve-wraking. Sometimes in local conditions it makes sense to drive somewhat off center.

I would suggest a nudge feature. Nudge left or right in the lane. Maybe 6 inch increments. Local conditions always vary, so the ability to adjust lane position slightly makes sense.

Thanks -Stan | 3 October, 2019

+1 driving so close to trucks on the right gives me the willies, enough that I don't like using Autopilot. Would much rather cheat left on the highway.

EVRider | 3 October, 2019

This suggestion comes up a lot here. Very unlikely Tesla would add something like this, since it’s at odds with their goal of FSD. If lane centering isn’t correct, Tesla needs to fix it.

Note that some people perceive that they’re too close to a vehicle in the next lane when they really aren’t. I’m not aware of anyone reporting that they actually made contact with a vehicle in the next lane when using Autosteer.

skydivegirl | 4 October, 2019

@EVRider, while I have not made contact with that semi in the lane to my right, I have had my Tesla hit the brakes when that semi rode the lane divide line. It would have been much safer in that situation to cheat left of center by a few inches until I was past the truck than to break unexpectedly on a busy highway with traffic behind me.

EVRider | 4 October, 2019

@skydivegirl: Unfortunately some Teslas also brake unexpectedly when they THINK the vehicle in the next lane is crossing the lane marker but really isn’t. I don’t think the solution is to have the car move over, unless it really needs to — the braking to avoid lane crossers needs to be less sensitive.

stingray.don | 4 October, 2019

Here is Elon’s comment regarding lane offset:

EVRider | 5 October, 2019

Elon’s comment says it should be better in V10. Is it? I haven’t installed V10 yet.

mcdonalk | 5 October, 2019

I have V10 in my Model S. It does indeed seem as though the car does not always drive dead center in the lane and instead moves slightly to the side to add space between a vehicle in an adjacent lane that is, in turn, hugging the lane marking.

Techy James | 7 October, 2019

@EVRider I have V10 installed, and I have noticed definitely on Highway that it will now shift in lane to provide more space for other vehicles. I haven't yet tested this on Rural roads to see if similar behavior exists. I do know on rural roads it not recognized double lines and broken lines to indicate passing and no passing areas. | 9 October, 2019

With V10 on an interstate yesterday my Model S shifted slightly away when I passed two different trucks. This with yellow proximate “fans” from the ultrasonic sensors. Worked well. | 9 October, 2019