Model 3 Cigarette port?

Model 3 Cigarette port?

My wife got me a portable tire pump but it uses the outlet for the cigarette, just wanted to ask if there's a spot for that on the MOdel 3.

andrewsjra | 5 October, 2019

It’s inside the center armrest in the back

rob | 6 October, 2019

raise the armrest on your console and take out the tray. It'll be in the front of that compartment.

EVRider | 6 October, 2019

But you won’t find any cigarettes there.

nhunguyen | 6 October, 2019

@EVRider if you like buy some and put them there

SpeedyEV | 6 October, 2019

Cigarette lighter port is kind of an archaic term :). It is called "12V Auxiliary Power Port" or simply "12V Port" or "12V Socket".

ToansModel3 | 6 October, 2019

:Thank you Speedy, sorry didn;t know the correct term. Thank you guys for helping me, I found the port.

adoh2010 | 6 October, 2019

I don't think a cigarette lighter would click in that 12V port, most modern cars have a non-lighter compatible 12V port. Basically if a car doesn't have an ashtray a lighter won't work in its port, will fit but not hold in when pressed or have current flow through it "I tried on modern Hondas/Acura"

Tesla2018 | 6 October, 2019

Foreign cars have different 12v receptors. The plug for my gps wouldnt fit in my Lotus and kept falling out. I replaced it with an American receptical from Radio Shack and now all my plugs fit on without falling out. Most outlets only work when the car is on so cigatette lighters dont work if you try to use them on other cars. I think the cigarette lighter from an old Ford that I had worked in the Lotus when I tried it once after blowing a fuse and needing to test if it worked since the power was always on. However most cars dont come with cigarette lighters anymore so the idiots that smoke dont have ashtrays in their cars so they flick the ashes and the butts out the window causing fires.