This May Be The Solution For Stinky AC

This May Be The Solution For Stinky AC

Abstract Ocean just started selling new 3M HEPA filters with activated carbon for Tesla Model 3 today which might be the solution for all the stinky AC problems out there. I just ordered mine and I am curious to how well it will work over time. If anyone else gets these as well then let me know if it has helped! Here is the link:

They cost $99 for the pair but here is $10 off:

vmulla | 12 October, 2019

Model 3 already has these kinds of filters.

And these are overpriced - just buy from Tesla for cheaper.

sethlsams | 12 October, 2019

I thought the Model 3 didn't have HEPA with activated carbon. I could be misinformed. If so then disregard!

Magic 8 Ball | 12 October, 2019

Model 3 does not have HEPA rated filters. HEPA trap smaller particles but since they use the same footprint a tradeoff is they will, most likely, restrict airflow. If Tesla is working on a software solution it will be based on airflow going through filters they specify.

So HEPA may trap the smaller "food" particles the "stink" feeds on but slower air going over the evaporator will cause the evaporator to "sweat" even more. No one is publishing actual test results, with data, on effectiveness, transparency needed.