the 3 is perfect for this trip

the 3 is perfect for this trip

We often drive up to Davis CA from the Bay Area to visit the daughter and her family. Sometimes overnight, sometimes just a day trip.

Last night was an evening roundtrip. It’s 98 miles one way.

Starting in 2014 with the P85 Model S, we would stop at Vacaville for a quick charge. A bio break and also sometimes a nice BBQ lunch across the street.

There were only 3 SCs in the area at the time – Gilroy for going South, Vacaville for going North. And the exception, a local SC – one at the Fremont factory.

In the beginning, the SCs were always out of town, for traveling.

There are so many SCs in the Bay Area now that I can’t name them all. So back then, I was very conservative – didn’t push it. And would do a stop at Vacaville.

But last night we did a quick roundtrip up to Davis in the new 3. I charged overnight to just over 90%. Then just before we launched, I topped off (100%) the 3 off at my local SC in Milpitas – 1.9 miles from my house. Actually, it showed 318 miles with 5 minutes to go.

I got bored and unplugged. Cost me a $1.24.

When we got home from the, no SC, roundtrip to Davis last night, Pasty [how many Tesli are now named Patsy?] showed 57 miles – perfect! I plugged the 3 in and went to bed.

I drove 75 on the trip. I also had budgeted for the granddaughter to able to play Cuphead with the car heater on; plus heated seats for both of us; plus dad in the back seat. She used 15 miles of range.

So the 3 can go non SC roundtrip to Davis at 75 in the winter with just a night before charge at my house. The top off wasn’t necessary.

The wife got a little anxious when Patsy did the highway switch from I80 South to I680 at high speed, totally Autopilot.

Patsy did a beautiful job. I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I love how she doesn’t even ask for a confirmation. She just puts the blinker on, and as they say: “Make it so!"

billstanton | 3 November, 2019

Yes it is. It is changing the world. I see all the SCs going up the the Bay Area too.

Too bad they are all hidden! That is the question I get most often. "Where do I charge?" I can say they are all over the place and explain how the car can plan the trip for you with no charging anxiety, but the general public (usually) doesn't see the Superchargers.

Glad you enjoy autopilot, I just can't bring myself to "not drive".

But I must say getting people to imagine getting in the car and every single morning having a full "tank" that can go 300 miles, when would that not be enough? While they are thinking I blurt out "on vacation". You would never need to "fill up" again except on vacation. That usually gets their attention.

tanner3068 | 3 November, 2019

@Ronjolly ....How do you like your M3 compared to you Model S?

ronjolley | 3 November, 2019

Like having 2 children, I love them both. The S is still more comfortable for me - air suspension and easier to get in and out of the seat; plus 2 screens - and more. The 3 is very sporty and drives me the latest in Autopilot - the S is HW1 Autopilot.

vmulla | 3 November, 2019

.. near perfect as a sedan, working it's way towards perfection.
The Y is going to be more potent. I expect it to be a near perfect transportation platform, even more so than the 3

andy | 3 November, 2019

I think the S feels a lot more American. It does depend on what you're used to. The Model 3 is a really nice fusion that works. It's got seats and a wheel and steering that feel positively German (a very good thing). The centre console arm rest, doors switches and turning circle all feel American, but then it is an American car after all!

Overall the Model 3 has the tightness of a very good German car and the easy laid back chill space feeling of an American car. Possibly why it feels different to everybody in all markets and a reason why people like it so much - it feels different in a positive way,

casun | 3 November, 2019

pretty darn close.

Scrannel | 3 November, 2019

Been a while since a car put a smile on my face like my 3 does.

CST | 3 November, 2019

Curious why you didn't just charge to 100% at home... Why go to the supercharger?

billtphotoman | 4 November, 2019

You folks in CA are certainly well endowed with Super Chargers. We don't have nearly that level of SC coverage in TX but the model 3 LR still works really well for me now that I am past my "iron butt" it for 700+ miles with 1 5 minute gas station stop road trip days. By taking advantage of home charging and destination charging I can do a 400-500 mile day with only one 20-30 minute SC stop. Super Chargers get all the press but destination chargers are really important as well.

LostInTx | 4 November, 2019

Just to drift a bit on comparing the 3 to the S:

My 3 is in the shop and I'm driving a 2014 build Model S P85D. Aside from the obvious acceleration differences, I'm surprised at how forgiving the suspension is on the S. I barely feel any of the road issues in the S that loosen my fillings in the 3. Sure, the P85D is double the price of the 3 but the difference is significant.

And that acceleration - goodness gracious.

Bighorn | 4 November, 2019

A P85D is actually on par with a new Model 3 now.

jebinc | 4 November, 2019


Sounds like a great trip! I’m looking forward to an upcoming longer jaunt; from Seattle area to Rogue River, OR (Medford area), and back. Will be the longest trip I’ve taken in my LR AWD thus far.

slee44 | 4 November, 2019

Will you please anyone upload this and posting as a new as I can't post, I've request verification for this.
Is this applied for the old TM3 like 2018 models or just for the new cars?

Tesla improves Model 3’s interior cabin noise in latest production cars

LostInTx | 4 November, 2019

Interesting, slee44

One of the line items for Tesla to address during their service of my 3 is rattles and creaks. A test drive with a tech confirmed the rattles and I was told, basically:

If the rattles can be addressed by replacing broken pins or reattaching the panels, it'll be done as a warranty fix. If additional insulation is required "or preferred", there'll be a charge. This whole "additional insulation" thing didn't make much sense until I read the link you provided. Maybe Tesla can improve older 3's (mine from August, '18) to make them a bit quieter.

slee44 | 4 November, 2019

In my common sense, I think this should be warranty service.

ronjolley | 4 November, 2019


I envy people with 200 Amp and higher grid connections to their house. My "new house" bought in 1980 only has 120 Amp service. I was originally going to "top off" 100% the 3 at the house.

But - I decided that I wanted to leave a little early; plus my wife informs me that she wants to bake some fresh rolls for the trip and hey, I also realized I needed a little A/C to cool the house. The amps add up. So I decided to make a quick trip to the SC and spend the $1.25

ronjolley | 4 November, 2019

Are we seeing an example of post hijacking in action?

andy | 4 November, 2019

I think my post was in reply to the S vs 3 comparison where the OP was asked a question and replied.

ronjolley | 4 November, 2019


No issue with you post