Screen crashes after charging in morning

Screen crashes after charging in morning

The last 2 days I've experienced a screen crash on my 2019 Model 3 SR+ RWD when I first get in the car in the morning.

I usually charge the car overnight using my Tesla wall charger, then just disconnect in the morning and go. The last 2 times, upon entering the car after disconnecting the charger the screen is black with slight flickering visible. I hold down the brake and the 2 steering wheel buttons to force a restart, and after a minute it boots up and everything is fine. If I were less technically inclined, I'd probably not think to restart the screen and conclude that the car was broken!

It's getting colder, but temperatures are only down to around 40 or so at night. Software is updated to v10, 2019.32.12.2.

Any ideas among this group about this issue?

Bighorn | 4 November, 2019

Try not rebooting and see if it's just slow to wake.

calvin940 | 4 November, 2019

Not sure you had to be technically inclined to push the brake and press 2 buttons.

Many non-technically inclined people today have to start their car by putting their foot on the brake and turning a key or more recently pushing a button. I suspect pushing an extra button during that process isn't all that technical.

BradPDX | 4 November, 2019

@Bighorn - Thanks for the feedback - I'll try waiting a bit longer and see what happens.

@calvin940 - I can guarantee you that many of my friends and family wouldn't think to restart the screen, or even remember how. For them, a car isn't a computer like your phone, and so it simply doesn't occur to them to treat it that way, even if it seems "easy" to others. Evidence: all the folks who spend time "quitting" apps on their iPhones, which I see every darn day. Normal people have no idea how this stuff works.

czielinski | 4 November, 2019

I have have had the same issues. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember how to restart it and had to be at work. Luckily the car ran fine, but wondering what the issue is?

FISHEV | 4 November, 2019

It should never do any of that so something is wrong. Even if you can get it back by various forms of sympathetic magic, I'd get it to the service center.

How to duplicate it? Maybe take a movie of it doing it.

calvin940 | 4 November, 2019


It's true. My point was more about complexity. I usually read important parts of the manual (certainly for my cars), experiments or both so I tend to learn how to operate the main parts of the things I own.

Tesla is something distinctly new in its operation so indeed some of the things are new to learn from existing cars. Probably will see more of that then less as the technology moves forward with Tesla and other manufacturers.

A video would definitely be good if you had an opportunity.

BradPDX | 4 November, 2019

I'll keep my iPhone at the ready for video capture over the next few mornings. I agree that even though it is an easily addressed issue, it simply shouldn't be happening.