Has anyone gotten evidence that Tesla has directly fixed something you reported in a bug report?

Has anyone gotten evidence that Tesla has directly fixed something you reported in a bug report?

I have a very annoying curve that I have to negotiate each day when returning home in my Tesla RWD Model 3 (purchased Nov/18), running the latest software (no HW3 chip yet):

Each time I try it while on AutoPilot, and each time it fails to be able to negotiate this sharp left curve through a small tunnel under the railroad tracks, and I need to take over. Lately I've been taking to file a "Bug Report" right after this happens, which leads me to my question: has anyone ever had evidence that a bug report they've submitted for a specific problem resulted in your car running better (on AutoPilot, for example), at the specified location after a future update? In other words: do Bug Reports ever "directly" work? (just curious!)

I have to say that this curve has become the "Holy Grail" to me - the instant the car is suddenly able to negotiate it "on its own", I will be convinced that Tesla is directly listening :-)...

Thanks for any thoughts -
- D.D.

jimglas | 10 November, 2019

good luck. Lets us know if anything changes

FISHEV | 10 November, 2019

It's hard to know how Tesal gets customer feedback to make changes. There was no follow up from Tesla after I purchased the car. Don't see any regular owner contact. There's talk of a select group of owners but that's dubious vs general owner population. For example, people have been complaining over BSI for years. It shows up on owner surveys by third parties like Consumer Reports but Tesla just marches to it's different and less effective drummer.

Maxxer | 11 November, 2019

They came to my work and replaced the screen

FISHEV | 11 November, 2019

"They came to my work and replaced the screen"@Maxxer

I have two road service techs and one service center visit. No one asked about how was the car, how was the service. Most places you get a email survey after service. All I got was "Within Normal Limits" which meant that Tesla confirmed that Lane Keeping doesn't work. I refused to digitally sign the first road tech report but never heard back.

I don't see Tesla getting any owner feedback or they'd fix stuff like BSI and Lane Keeping and quirky controls.

I can say they did respond to calls about the SC's being down and routed the repair man to the local SC's which improved things a lot, we had up to four chargers down, broken plugs, busted nacelles. Tesla said they did major fix at Vancouver and minor fixes at Woodburn.

WhiteWi | 11 November, 2019

Fish is wrong and full of lies. True story

EVRider | 11 November, 2019

The manual says Tesla periodically reviews the information submitted via bug reports from the car, so they won’t necessarily act on your report. You’ll have better luck if you contact Tesla by other means to follow up on the bug report.

Harriscott | 11 November, 2019

My fish tale is that since delivery day (40 days ago) the *only* thing I've gotten from Tesla was an email survey asking how well they did handling the "request help" I submitted from the Tesla account. Which was strange because I did "request help" but never got a reply. Similar to the non-reply I got from voicemail left at the local Tesla store (btw it is nice to have a local store, and presumably a service center). Oh, and my question in reply to a text message about delivery day? No response. Talking to a an actual person -- that worked!

It is nice not getting daily emails (extended warranty!) and postcards (time to change the oil!) but this is ridiculous. I'm reduced to reading forums and enjoying the car (OMG FUN!)

Maxxer | 11 November, 2019

Stop reading the forums and go drive your cars

blue adept | 11 November, 2019

Last I checked "AutoPilot" was meant and only authorized for use on the highway, NOT surface streets, so I'm left to conclude that the error in this little scenario of yours is user based, i.e., yours @dd.

dd | 12 November, 2019

That’s a good point, but am I the only one who uses it on streets also (albeit more monitored?)
- D.D.