Wtf did I just see?

Wtf did I just see?

Am I dreaming?

johnrbek | 21 November, 2019

I saw it too.. must be mass hysteria... ;-)

sosmerc | 21 November, 2019

It was kind of "out there" wasn't it? With Elon at the helm, we always kind of live on the edge. That truck is definitely "unique" doubt about that. Elon did warn us that not everyone was going to like it, and frankly as long as HE likes it I guess we should chill. It probably will perform pretty well and offer a truly capable truck for those that are looking to stand out and play hard with their new toy.

eandmjep | 21 November, 2019

Well I just saved a deposit for something practical.

sosmerc | 21 November, 2019

What could be more practical than the Cybertruck? (it's going to be really easy to wash)!

jeepn30 | 21 November, 2019

I don't know how to feel about's out there for sure....I don't know how many truck owners of ford, chevy, and ram will drive this because it is a radical departure from the norm.

johnrbek | 21 November, 2019

Look at it this way... what would Tony Stark drive? A Ford F-150 or this?

Maxxer | 21 November, 2019

I’m ordering one right now, but the Ford Chevy GM pick up truck owners won’t

johnrbek | 21 November, 2019

I put my $100 down already.. Plenty of time to see if it grows on me.. It's definitely a departure.. The utility is awesome. I do love his approach.. stainless steel, 14k towing, 500m range, off road capabilities, crew cab.... it'll be really trick for off road.. hummer's are pretty ugly too and they sold like hot cakes..

exPGAhacker | 21 November, 2019

This is what Wall Street was worried about. In their opinion, Tesla needed to attack the F-150 market. They did the opposite tonight. The previous vehicles were so nicely designed to take market share from the likes of BMW, MB, Lexus, Audi, etc. This one is designed to allow Ford to own the truck market for another decade. It also gives them some breathing room for their electric version of the 150.

But there will be idiots like me who think this is the future today. And it is so I ordered the TriMotor. Why not?!

EVTrooper | 21 November, 2019

Hey everyone! I'm new here! Current Chevy owner (Avalanche) and I put in a preorder. Initial reaction was slight disappointment but as the presentation went on it seriously grew on me. Factor in all of the constant maintenance issues and constant refueling at gas stations with an ICE truck, this became an easy decision by the time the presentation was finished. If it grew on me pretty quickly, it can grow on others as well. Looking forward to future discussions!

Razorx1337x | 21 November, 2019

F-150 long time owner here, it’s out in the drive way in fact. Just ordered the 500 mile version. Will be trading in my F150. So.... guess he didn’t quite miss the mark. I love it, and I’m a Nashville TN die hard southerner. The ATV was a huge hit too.

johnrbek | 21 November, 2019

Go Razor !!

Took me like 5 or more mins to log in and place my order.. got a 404,then a 429. then a spinning wheel of death.... I wonder if the servers were slammed with orders.. it'll be interesting to see what the numbers look like.

spuzzz123 | 21 November, 2019

We ordered. Love the specs and pricing. Jesus how big is that trimotor battery gonna be to get 500 miles? There are so many compelling and interesting things to talk about with this truck it’s a shame that talk will be overshadowed by the window stunt.

chadbobb | 21 November, 2019

When i login to my account it doesn't show FSD. Did I forget to click it or does it not show?

chadbobb | 21 November, 2019

nevermind... I found a button to change it. For those curious, it should show up. I didn't have it selected.

exPGAhacker | 21 November, 2019

"Wait boss, Elon wants to do what?? That's not the armor glass in the prototype truck, that's F-150 glass. It's all I could get at the last minute. The guy at Ford told me it would work just fine for Elon's reveal. What'd you say? Update my what?"

MNDZA | 21 November, 2019

Hey Chadbobb, you see your cybertruck on your account already? I pre-ordered, but it doesn't show up on my Tesla account page.

carlk | 21 November, 2019

C'mon there will be plenty of people who will buy a $40K pickup that carries 6 passengers and 3,500lb payload plus active air suspension that makes it to run better than ANY pickups on or off roads with or without loads. One can even spend a little more to buy one that will outrun a 911. For those (suckers) who think look is absolutely the only thing they could alwas pay double that to buy a 911.

chadbobb | 21 November, 2019

"On November 21st, 2019, he threw a steel ball at the newly-announced Tesla Cybertruck, breaking two of the truck's windows during the live presentation."

chadbobb | 21 November, 2019


I pre-ordered during the presentation. It just showed up a few minutes ago. Took over an hour. Still no email.

MNDZA | 21 November, 2019


Cool thanks I'll wait for it then

MNDZA | 21 November, 2019


It_happens | 21 November, 2019

First thought -- ugliest vehicle I have ever seen.

I believe in Tesla, so I'll reserve judgement until I see one in person.

RCP | 21 November, 2019

Just stop with all the "Ford, Chevy, Ram owners won't buy this" nonsense. I learned how to drive in a Dodge pickup, have owned five since. I sold my 2018 Ram 2500 4x4 single cab/long bed for a M3 DM LR back in April. I also still own a 2019 Ram 2500 Mega Cab. I just preordered the Cybertruck.

If these Tesla trucks are not going to be for you. Fine, but keep your opinions about what others want to yourself. You don't speak for me.

Also, first post ever. I appreciate all of you guys on this forum that are constantly contributing, making my life as a Tesla owner that much better. Thank you!

anhlue | 21 November, 2019

My first thought was, “Damn, this is ugly and hella flashy!” Then I became very aware that no matter how ugly it looks to me, as long as it seats 6, has a decent truck bed, can tow a trailer like ours, who cares?! It’s going to be 100x better than the Tundra we have and just bought used last year. Argh. I should’ve waited. Save that $33k towards this truck!

crt6598 | 22 November, 2019

I love it!!, no more door dings, paint chips/swirls/haze, body panel rust, windshield rock chips!!. This thing looks like a bombproof F-117.

This is definitely not the finished version (no windshield wipers, mirrors, sidemarkers, cameras, plus it had the roadster steering wheel). The production model color choices should be military type (matte black, olive drab, coyote/desert tan)

Got my order in for the dual motor/49k version, which frankly is a steal considering the Rivian R1T will be well into the 60k range and does not take sledgehammer strikes very well.

Adams 25 | 22 November, 2019

Paid a deposit for the cyber truck, I see the transaction but still no confirmation email or anything...

msjr | 22 November, 2019

I've driven trucks most of my adult life...from an f150 to an f450 and a couple tundras along the way too.
..currently in the model x p100d version

I pre-ordered the tri-motor version...
those specs and that price will be hard to beat....

sbeggs | 22 November, 2019

It's the ultimate bugout vehicle.

Angular, bullet proof, rugged, powerful, longest range, towing, dual power takeoff outlets, a bed you can put a bed in, high clearance, and FSD.

Do not care for its outer skin, and probably flat sides or side access would be better. Which other vehicle had the side slide out kitchen burners and storage?

Elon is telling us, this is what you'll need for a very dystopian future.

Maxxer | 22 November, 2019

Dystopian Truck

Arkansawyer | 22 November, 2019

My first thought was the F-117 stealth fighter. Perhaps this truck won't show up on police radar ;-)

exPGAhacker said, "This is what Wall Street was worried about. In their opinion, Tesla needed to attack the F-150 market."

Perhaps Tesla is being realistic here. They know they don't have the production capacity to handle the huge traditional truck market, so are aiming, as with the first Tesla Roadster, at a fringe market with money to spend on a departure from the norm, in an effort to move us, slowly, to a better truck.

patarlton | 22 November, 2019

Did anyone else think of the Pontiac Aztec when they saw this?

Madatgascar | 22 November, 2019

Pricing is aimed at the mass market... with the cost of all the ballistics and capabilities I wonder how many they need to make to get that price to pencil out? I would have aimed for a higher end niche market - military, drug cartels, and rappers could afford to pay triple.

andy.connor.e | 22 November, 2019

Not sure how i feel about it either. Its so cornery. Its a triangle on top of a rectangle. I sure hope the sharp corners get worked out or something.

Aside from looks, did you see that rollup door covering the trunk? How about the ramp. That makes other companies ideas look like trashcan. Also this truck is bulletproof wtf? Basically unscratchable and undentable. Stainless steel, this truck could last you 100 years. How does it rust? Pretty cool concept there.

Really not sure though. I'll be spending the same on Model Y as the truck so i think it'll come down to timeline.

David N | 22 November, 2019

Interesting design. I think it’ll grow on people. Let’s face it, there’s a certain segment of truck owners who want their trucks looking the meanest, baddest trucks out there. Well, here ya go.
I would’ve liked to see more functions featured, ie.. tailgate explained, interior, roof? , sunroof? Looks like bed cover is power retractable? power outlets, ect....
I would’ve liked to hear the reason for the SS exterior, the break proof glass, how they came up w that design ect...
My guess is that the truck was not as complete as maybe we thought.

Damntruckers | 22 November, 2019

For Sale; Tundra 5.7 4x4 TRD Off Road Pkg. For me it’s about capacity and capability, Elon hit all the boxes.

Damntruckers | 22 November, 2019

For Sale-Tundra 5.7 4x4 TRD Off Road Pkg. For me it’s about capacity and capability, Elon hit all the boxes.

Efontana | 22 November, 2019

It is good. They pushed the center of lift forward.
Really good work.

Wilbur16X | 22 November, 2019

I have an F-150. I now have an order for a Cybertruck. I want the baddest thing on the road, not the 2nd or 3rd thing.

carlk | 22 November, 2019

exPGAhacker said, "This is what Wall Street was worried about. In their opinion, Tesla needed to attack the F-150 market."

Please give F-150 owners some credit. They don't necessarily want only boxy pickups. That's the only kind they could get anywhere. I saw a comment in another forum: I'm going to buy one and I'm in TN. This one is redneck enough for me.

exevbuilder | 22 November, 2019

All the nay-sayers can eat there words. The fact is, this truck is disruptive to the norm. It laughs in the face of the establishment. We no longer have to bow to the constraints of design. Even though it takes a page from the Delorean book, it is very viable. It could be FROM the future. IMHO

sbeggs | 22 November, 2019


Good one!

NOLEK SUM | 22 November, 2019

Understatement of the century:

“ But cus­tomers may have to wait some time be­fore they can get their hands on the ve­hi­cle. Tesla hasn’t said when the pickup is sup­posed to roll off its pro­duc­tion line, and Mr. Musk has a record of missing self-im­posed dead­lines.”

TAC | 22 November, 2019

The most amazing truck ... I have ever seen. Its so so clean looking!. No fluff. Looks like the Lambo countach with the angels. Tesla wins! Ordered! We had giant boxy bricks for 100 years. About time! Rad!, fun!

LeelooTheM3 | 22 November, 2019

I had two reactions:
1. I put a deposit on one. I've got 2 years to decide.
2. I went to the Rivian website to check out there trucks again.

Tropopause | 22 November, 2019

Will it be at the LA Auto Show?

jimglas | 22 November, 2019

Could replace our MX as mountain car

wiboater4 | 22 November, 2019

NOLEK SUM There's a wait on all the other electric pickups right now. The Tesla truck is right in there with them. They do have a rough estimate of when it's available. 2021

00Tesla | 22 November, 2019

A swing and a miss! I don't think Ford or Rivian ( or any other truck auto maker ) has anything to worry about now.