Elon - put a grill on that truck already!

Elon - put a grill on that truck already!

.. and dual stacks - preferably with a black smoke option.

Maxxer | 22 November, 2019

F$ck your grill

TickTock | 22 November, 2019

..but you're OK with dual, chrome, coal rollin' stacks?

Maxxer | 22 November, 2019


Ok with that

Grill has just no use
It’s like getting a boobjob
Looks better but in the end, what for?
Getting f$cked more?

roberts | 22 November, 2019

what would be the point of a grill?

TickTock | 22 November, 2019

it's a joke

djharrington | 22 November, 2019

Tough crowd

CharleyBC | 22 November, 2019

Looks like they envision a grill--on the back end!

TickTock | 22 November, 2019

Now *that's* funny. I guess I won't quit my day job just yet.

aaron85 | 22 November, 2019

titanium grill will be dope !!

aperfectecho | 22 November, 2019

Grill is a terrible idea

walnotr | 22 November, 2019

The only grill it needs is bbq.

St☰v☰ | 22 November, 2019

Leave it the way it is, then it can star in Cars 3 as a mute.

M3phan | 23 November, 2019

OP is cleverly throwback joking on a stupid thread from several months ago where someone wanted, no, begged Elon to put a grill on the front of the model 3.
: )

sbeggs | 23 November, 2019


TickTock | 23 November, 2019

This thread was meant as a joke but I definitely expect to see a lot of bull bars with winches installed. I think they would definitely complete a look many urban cowboys are going for and actually does provide some utility.

Hal Fisher | 23 November, 2019

Oh, I thought this thread was a dig on me and others who said the 3 should have a grill. But I really do love the embossed look others are doing like mach and bmw. That does look hella cool.

texxx | 23 November, 2019

There are roads here in Texas where you are almost guaranteed to hit a deer at some point if you drive them regularly. A grill or brush bar actually serves a purpose, protecting the vehicle from damage in that situation. Now given the sledgehammer on the door demo, if the front end is equally as solid then the deer are just going to bounce off and a grill will just junk up the front end.

TranzNDance | 23 November, 2019

This thread is an example of when it is not clear when someone is sincere or joking.

ADinM3 | 23 November, 2019

Hmmm, they should make an electric grill that plugs in. Would be nice to avoid dealing with propane tanks.

Electric grill and heater/fan for those cold tailgate events and you would be the envy of everyone. lol

gballant4570 | 23 November, 2019

Grills are so yesterday. I see that Lexus is still involved in a mighty struggle with evolutionary fact....

gballant4570 | 23 November, 2019

And losing.

Hal Fisher | 23 November, 2019

I want more of a ‘V’ deflecting snow plow grill on it. Very road warriorish hahahahaha!!!

andy.connor.e | 23 November, 2019


Thank you for this topic. I was wondering if something like this would ever surface!

Hal Fisher | 23 November, 2019

You know, if the made the front come to more of a point it would be even more polygonal and cooler. Maybe even stealth. | 23 November, 2019

Now, what if a stealth winch option was mounted in the Frunk. Not possible in any other truck.

F.vanalstine | 23 November, 2019

Maybe a layer of flat black RF absorbing material on the front and it will be invisible to police radar?

Or does the negative downslope of the front take care of this as is.

FlyingPig | 23 November, 2019

Someone should open an ugly grill online shop that sells fake grill stickers just for model 3.....
The slogan: All grills are ugly, buy a fake and less ugly one today

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 23 November, 2019

I hope by the time it hits the road I can install mini gun on it as a option for zombi apocalypse.

sbeggs | 23 November, 2019

Good idea stealth winch up frunk!

TickTock | 24 November, 2019

Looks like its wide enough to have a reconnaissance drone next to the winch and still have room for a pair of 50cal Browning M2's.

rob | 24 November, 2019

There wouldn't be a Deer Crossing sign left in the country.

styvwerx | 4 December, 2019

Don't forget the buggy whip holders, and, not least, the bud vase.

Earl and Nagin ... | 5 December, 2019

I like it!
Propane or charcoal?

TickTock | 5 December, 2019


Earl and Nagin ... | 5 December, 2019