Buy a Ford, be happy

Buy a Ford, be happy

Nothing else to say to the multitudes

FISHEV | 24 November, 2019

Ford Mustang Mach-E looks to be a great EV. Put my deposit down. Has everything the Model 3/Y lacks.

1. Blind side indicators
2. Rear cross track warning.
3. Lane keeping warning.
4. Separate shifter control.
5. Separate side mirror control
6. Separate wiper control
7. In line drivers screen
8. Rear wiper
9. Framed windows
10. CCS charge port

Maxxer | 24 November, 2019

Well done
Love a happily life now

Maxxer | 24 November, 2019


jimglas | 24 November, 2019

have a good life.
Stop bothering us | 24 November, 2019

Not quite sure why to buy the Ford. Then the Model 3/Y has so much more than the Mach-E

1 Blindside visualization - rather than an idiot light
2. Rear cross-track visualization with HD camera rather than an idiot light
3. Lane-keeping
4. Single shifter
5. Side mirror profile memory
6. Automatic wipers
7. Large touchscreen
8. No ugly rear wiper needed
9. Clean looking unframed windows
10. Supercharger with 250 kW Fast DC charging

Not sure why anyone would buy the Mach-E with that other list of mistakes and limitations.

Beyond those 10, you also get with the 3/Y:

5-star safety ratings in every category (Mach-E unknown, but past has not been kind to Ford)
Side collision avoidance
Smart Summon
Auto Park
GPS aware Homelink
Free software updates with new features
Free map updates
360-degree visualization
Higher quality interior materials
Netflix, YouTube, and games while parked
Optional future FSD
A far more extensive and useful charging network
Known battery reliability and longeveity
Better looking (ok, that's my opinion)

Sorry, while I'm happy Ford is bringing out better EV than they have before, it doesn't appear to be any real competition for the Model 3/Y. I'm sure they will sell a few, and that's good. I just wish they had a more compelling offering.

hcwhy | 24 November, 2019

At least Ford tried.....thanks to Tesla.

BadgerErickson | 24 November, 2019

I am betting on Made in USA with my deposit for the CyberTruk, dual motor AWD model. I like my Made in USA F250 and C-Max, but they will go down the road to other people. Congrats on your E-Mach order!

mikeng6274 | 24 November, 2019

Different people has different taste. Untill they have tried it; otherwise, they will not understand /know about it. I own my Tesla 3 since last year X'mas day, still learning about it. It is a most fun, relax, safest and enjoyable car .

mikeng6274 | 24 November, 2019

Different people has different taste. Untill they have tried it; otherwise, they will not understand /know about it. I own my Tesla 3 since last year X'mas day, still learning about it. It is a most fun, relax, safest and enjoyable car .

dmm1240 | 24 November, 2019

If this forum is restricted to confirmed Tesla owners, why are all these trolls allowed to post?

rxlawdude | 24 November, 2019

Letter to LA Times after a fluff piece about the Ford "Mustang.":

Dear Editor,

The Times' article on Ford's full-throated entry into the electric vehicle market mentioned that it will offer a charging network in partnership with no less than three competing charging companies. It is a fact that these charging stations are not well distributed among major highways, and are in woeful undersupply (each "location" having one or two charging stalls). This will sour owners on their electric vehicles when they take that holiday road trip to grandma's and inhibit adoption of e-vehicles.

Tesla, on the other hand, already has a well developed and growing Supercharger network that permits road trips between distant points to be practical, with drivers taking a 20-30 minute charging stop to stretch and snack every 2 to 3 hours. Other e-vehicles' "fast charge" can take two to three times as long.

Years ago, Tesla offered to share its charging connector technology (smaller and lighter, used both at home and at Superchargers) with other manufacturers. Those manufacturers refused and the result are bulky connectors used in a patchwork of "high-speed" charging sites by a panoply of operators with widely varied pricing.

This is, and will be, IMO, the biggest killer of joy for non-Tesla e-vehicle owners.

Tesla2018 | 24 November, 2019

And also the fact that you aren't supposed to charge to 100% or let it go under 10% and range will decrease in winter. Also it takes longer to charge from 70 to 100 percent than from 20 to 70 percent. I can see a lot of Rustang owners thinking they can make it to Grandmas for Christmas dinner only to be stranded or stuck charging at a non Ford backed placed charging at 20 miles per hour miles away from their destination as their Turkey dinner gets cold.

RedShift | 24 November, 2019




blue adept | 24 November, 2019


Good point!

Bighorn | 24 November, 2019

Jack Rickard said the Ford Mach-E is DOA. And dispelled the myth of a Ford charging network. One of the most knowledgeable EV experts on the planet, if you don’t know.

SamO | 24 November, 2019

Watch his videos on 2x speed for your sanity.

SCCRENDO | 24 November, 2019

Interesting. This thread was started by someone who has been trolling these threads for years and I believe does not even own an EV

Kcloud | 25 November, 2019

At least the ford still gets the tax credit. Makes it a lot more affordable for some. That being said I preordered the Cybertruck. I doubt the electric f150 will be $50k without it being stripped down. Might get the Mach e for the wife though. With the tax credits we’ll be in the mid $30s.

Bond 007 | 25 November, 2019

I do not think this form is only for confirmed Tesla owners. I do not own one anyway (I’ve never owned any battery electric vehicle). But my next car will be most likely a Tesla.

dmm1240 | 25 November, 2019

@Bond 007

Read the top of this page: "Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners. To request verification, contact from the email associated to your Tesla account."

SO | 25 November, 2019

Maybe they got in before the restriction?

rxlawdude | 25 November, 2019

@dmm, only applies to thread initiation.

Ross1 | 25 November, 2019

As the OP, I have explained often enough:
Tesla gave me special dispensation as a non owner.

TabascoGuy | 25 November, 2019

rxlawdude is correct.

TabascoGuy | 25 November, 2019


I sent an email to the forum address asking about the wording of the restriction that you posted. Crickets...

All I know is that anyone can reply to a thread, only those with owners privileges can create threads. There are still a couple of non-owners that do have owners privileges.

finman100 | 25 November, 2019

Every single time a non-Tesla EV is "announced" i wonder aloud..."when will we see (if ever) an EV cross country trip for the announced non-Tesla EV that is as painless as a Tesla road trip".

i mean, it seems like people like to drive farther than 250 miles, right?

How does this affect sales...well, so far the numbers are clearly and persistently in Tesla's favor.

no (decent) fast charge network , no sale.

Electrify America? not even close.

Go Elon!

spuzzz123 | 25 November, 2019

@rxlawdude I wonder if the mustang has am radio? Would you give up the Tesla supercharger network for am radio?

Ross1 | 25 November, 2019

By way of explanation the OP header is a cynical take from a very impolite poster in years gone by whose byline at the end of his posts was: "Buy a KIA, be happy"
And that was spiffed off something else, what was that? | 25 November, 2019

@Ross1 - I took it as a joke (OP header) remembering the Kia phase that appeared way too much a while back :)

spuzzz123 | 25 November, 2019

Ha had to search for it. Couldn’t find the original post but looks like Ross and someone named vperl used to go at it 2015 and earlier!

rxlawdude | 25 November, 2019

@spuzzo, no.

Ross1 | 25 November, 2019

In your search did you come across The Play where all the leading characters are featured in a parody of The Wizard of Oz.
We have moved on, but most characters are still here. Notably not @bB0tin though who was the demon. He got sent to Mars or somewhere, I forget.
vPerl was in it too. And Lilbean, Dr Sccrendo, Red Sage (Red Exile, as Dorothy), Redshift, me I think altho I wrote it,

Ross1 | 25 November, 2019

A lot of the dialog was lifted directly from their posts of the period and used for the plot and chatter.