New Android app release 3.10.2-388 not compatible with my smartphone anymore ?

New Android app release 3.10.2-388 not compatible with my smartphone anymore ?

I noticed that the Tesla app has been updated to version 3.10.2-388 on 27.11.
On my Android smartphone with Android 6, I haven't seen any update so far. Today is 29.11.
Checking the Desktop Google Play Store all of a sudden tells me that my smartphone is not compatible with this version 3.10.2-388:-(WTF?)
That's kind of odd as, according to
min. requirement is Android 5.

I'm thinking of sideloading the latest app release via apkmirror. But I'm hesitant. Is this apk-source to be trusted ?
Anybody else here observing that his/her smartphone is not compatible anymore with latest app release ?

whazupman | 29 November, 2019

I use apkmirror often for sideloads. It sounds like a great excuse to get a new phone.

hokiegir1 | 29 November, 2019

Mine only rolled out to my Pixel 3 a few days ago, so they may just be doing a staged upgrade of apps. If it's still not available in a week or 2, try the sideload.

T_Scheen | 30 November, 2019

Considered this as a wake-up call.
Took the drastic decision and bought a new phone today.
A OnePlus 7T Pro.

scasagrande | 1 December, 2019

Same problem here with my new Moto G7. This phone doesn't support NFC, and I read on Reddit that the 3.10.2 version has references to NFC.

I suspect that the build was listed as a requiring the phone to have NFC to be compatible. Probably a mistake by the developer.

bjrosen | 1 December, 2019

Android 6, seriously, the current version of Android is 10. Time to upgrade your phone. You can still get a Black Friday deal on a new Pixel phone, the PIxel 4 and 4XL are $200 off, the Pixel 3a is $100 off. I just upgrade my 2Xl to a 4XL. If you are willing to buy a phone through a carrier there are even steeper discounts.

wasserboxer | 6 December, 2019

Is that really the NFC required for the version 3.10.2-388 ?
I cannot pin-point the issue, and Tesla chatter declined my request for hardware compatibility list.
Why we need to reverse-engineer our cars?
Guys/girls, don't rush to buy a new phone - looks like your "investment" might be dismissed [randomly?] at any time.
At least my 5 year old Samsung S5 got the app last night as a test and it works.

Tesla pushed me back "to talk you my phone manufacturer" (Asus). Does tesla make phones "fully compatible" ?
At least they told me, they even don't make the app - it is google, does that for tesla.

It is good, when a sysadmin buys the tesla. What if that would be a girl from HR or marketing? How that works?

wasserboxer | 6 December, 2019

Reading through articles I came to the conclusion: Introducing app version 3.10.2-388, Tesla kicked out all the users with the phones, not having NFC.
Tesla, very nice approach! What else do we need to have to be able to drive?

wendyklam | 6 December, 2019

Tesla appls does not work on my new moto 7 phone. Why??? Old appls works on my old phone.

wasserboxer | 6 December, 2019

Is your phone G7 or G7play?

The play has reduced feature set and looks like it does not have NFC.
It looks like NFC is mandatory for phones to work with tesla at the app version 3.10.2.-388, which is current now.

Scrannel | 6 December, 2019

Blackberry Android, 8.1. NFC always off. 3.10.2-388 works fine. Is it the Android version that's causing issues or the phone? Lenovo tablet, same.

3tl | 6 December, 2019

Tesla app stopped working on my Motorola g7 Power last week
Motorola g& Power does not have NFC
Looks like wassboxer is right: Tesla kicked out all the users with the phones not having NFC.
Why?! My phone works fine for everything else ...

sheldon.mike1010 | 6 December, 2019

They are probably herding users in the direction of NFC combined with Bluetooth for phone/owner validation.
My NFC is off now and everything works fine, but am betting that if they require your phone to have it, at some point in the future they will make NFC mandatory to receive new features.

beboh78811 | 27 May, 2020

I use often for sideloads. It sounds like a great excuse to get a new phone.