Use the CyberTruck unibody and as much of the stock drivetrain, suspension and miscellaneous parts as possible on top of those 66" BKT monster truck tires.

Because, marketing.

No other current monster truck I'm aware of uses a production unibody/ladder frame style body, they're all just roll cages with fiberglass shells. This highlights the strength of the body design, which is, among other things, a roll cage.
This is especially true if all add-ons/mods only relate to putting huge tires on a vehicle not originally designed to work with them.

CyberMonsterTruck also highlights how much power you can put to the ground from the battery pack, albeit in a different configuration than the production one.

Even if it rolls over, it should be able to be righted (self righting would be awesome) and continue on with no issue.

Please discuss!

andy.connor.e | 3 December, 2019

Now we are thinking correctly. | 3 December, 2019

Perhaps like this existing monster truck:

With 10-foot diameter tires - rolls over two monster trucks!

hcwhy | 3 December, 2019

That would be even better with a Nash Rambler sitting atop those wheels.

hcwhy | 3 December, 2019

Excuse me....Nash Metropolitan