Pixel 4 and Model 3 Bluetooth Issues

Pixel 4 and Model 3 Bluetooth Issues

I got a new phone around the same time I got a software update, so not sure which introduced the issue. For some reason my (new) Pixel 4 XL no longer auto-connects to the car bluetooth. This was never an issue with my Galazy S9 so I assume it's the phone. Since then every morning, BT is not connected, and what's strange is that trying to connect via the phone doesn't work. I need to go into the car's BT settings, select the device and click connect. Works almost instantly, every time.

I guess it's unlikely I'll get anyone with a similar issue since the phone is so new, but just in case... thanks!

kaushal | 4 December, 2019

I also got a new Pixel 4, no issue so far. Have it for about a week, I'm on 2019.36.2.1

Fuzzball | 4 December, 2019

to digress, I am curious why you would have gotten the Pixel 4? I was really looking forward to upgrading to it (google spybot) from my oneplus5 (chinese spybot) but isnt it really an overpriced dud with lots of unnecessary gimmicks?

For the first time since 2004 I am actually considering a move to Apple.

Ender310 | 4 December, 2019

I work for Verizon and have many phones to test and use. There have been BT issues with every model of the pixel since the OG. I have personally experienced it, but know others who don’t have problems. I have tested P—P3 on my WRX with connectivity issues, and issues either with calling, or an inability to use BT media. The P4 has the same issues with my P3D.

It’s certainly an enigma.

mike | 4 December, 2019

The difference between alisse and kaushal's phones may be due to application settings for background restrictions. Open settings and search for Tesla. Under "app info" and "Advanced". There is a "battery" section. Check the "Background restriction". You want "App can use battery in background". Changing to a new phone and Android release may require different settings to keep the app active all them time. Developers continue to look for ways to improve battery life by reducing "unuseful" activity.

alisse | 4 December, 2019

@fuzzball I've been using samsung galaxy devices since the s3. I wanted to try something different. Honestly I'm really impressed with the phone performance, and there lot's of stuff that is more than just gimmicks -- legitimately useful features that add value for me.

@Ender310 Interesting. I had no idea there were systemic issues with something as well known as bluetooth

@mike The tesla app has background enabled (battery saving disabled) and the phone key thing works better than my samsung ever did. This is a function of the BT media getting disconnected for some reason. It connects effortlessly to my BT headphones which I use daily, so there is some interop issue with it and the car.

I've read elsewhere that sometime contacts with special characters can cause issues, so I'll have a look there. But having the same contacts with a new device once again points to the pixel.

The investigation continues.

alisse | 4 December, 2019

Looks like a patch next week will address BT pairing issues. Not sure if this my exact situation, but willing to wait to see if this has a positive impact.

JAD | 4 December, 2019

My Pixel 4XL, along with my wifes Pixel 3XL and sons Pixel 2XL all work perfect except the come to me function under advanced summons has trouble getting an exact location. But bluetooth is flawless on all.

I would delete the bluetooth connections on both the car and phone and re-install.

jfaubl | 4 December, 2019

I had a Pixel and did have problems. As soon as I switched to a Pixel 3 last year all the problems went way. Problems being the door not opening when I approached. The last month, I have had the same problem. Door won't open right away, so I think it's a bug in Tesla firmware.

BTW, love the Pixel. Great phone. I have convinced several people to get one.

dantheelder | 4 December, 2019

I've also got a Pixel 4XL which is working perfectly (so far) on the November patch release (Tesla is at 2019.40.1.1). I did have a weird incident yesterday where a call I initiated from my phone correctly went through the car speakers/microphone but didn't show up as a call in progress on screen so I had to hang it up from the phone manually. Audio streaming is working perfectly though and I can confirm per @mike's directions that my Tesla app has background battery use enabled.

@Fuzzball - I wasn't thrilled with the Pixel 4 XL hardware (limited/slow storage, should have more RAM, definitely a bigger battery) but Google does a great job on the software side and keeps adding significant features years down the road (e.g., NightSight for my Pixel 2 XL was a game changer). With the Black Friday pricing though I think it was definitely worth the upgrade though.

bjrosen | 4 December, 2019

I just got the Pixel 4XL, no problems with the car so far but I'm less than thrilled with Face Unlock. I'm not having any trouble at home but I had a lot of trouble unlocking the phone when I was in a concert hall a Saturday, the phone was on Do Not Disturb and the lights were dim and I had a hell of a time trying to unlock it, it also didn't present me with the PIN keyboard as an alternative.

I was going to skip the 4XL but my wife was bugging me to give her the 2XL, which has been problem free, so when there was the black Friday sale I bought the 4XL. I liked the 2XL better, nothing is better on the 4XL, don't like the display as much, the face unlock issues, no noticeable speed improvements. The one improvement is that they finally brought back wireless charging but it's really slow. Haven't installed the TapTes charging pad yet in the car yet, hope that works better than the Choitech charger that I have next to my bed.

alisse | 5 December, 2019

I got a car update (now on 2019.36.2.4) last night and this morning Bluetooth was connecting fine. Will keep my eye on it but fingers crossed!

Mike UpNorth_ | 5 December, 2019

My P2 XL - works 99%
Wife's P3 XL - works 99%
My new P4 XL - works 99%

To answer someone else's question.....It probably is an overpriced phone. But I'm kind of google geek. Like apple fans can be.