Round Trips

Round Trips

Both the standard Tesla trips and Abetterrouteplanner seem to do a great job of getting me from point A to point B while dealing with charging on an extended trip. However, one thing I don't see is some kind of "round trip" planning. I live in Indianapolis and I don't need a supercharger to take a quick trip up to Chicago, but I would need to supercharge to make it back. Is there a route planning tool or setting that could factor that in?

M3phan | 6 December, 2019

Use abetterrouteplanner for plotting the trip back, beginning with your SOC at that point before returning.

theinjuryexpert | 6 December, 2019

Ah good tip, thanks @m3phan

kevin_rf | 7 December, 2019

Never been happy when trying to use abetterrouteplanner, though everyone here seems to love it. On long trips I will use evTripplanner as an alternative before the trip. That way I know what to expect and when to charge.

It's easy to add the start address as the end address producing a round trip.

One of these days I will figure out abetterrouteplanner....

aatri | 7 December, 2019

abetterrouteplanner has round trip feature that is the arrow pointing up. As well as way point to add stops. It works well for to know your SOC needed to start your trip back and planning at home before letting Tesla Nav to take over on the way there

FISHEV | 7 December, 2019

Tesla does show you round trip range in per cent when you first plug in a destination.

Tesla should do more on planning routes in the onboard nav system and doing roundtrip planning with charging stops should be top of the list. Skip the games, give drivers some useful tools.

theinjuryexpert | 8 December, 2019

Thanks @aatri.

I figured out the "actual destination as waypoint" way of doing it, but its not intuitive. I would think a lot of people do day trips where this would be a better way of planning.

jallred | 8 December, 2019

Tesla onboard route and charging planning should be done with neural network. They have plenty of data to train the network. Might need a preference slider to either minimize stops or minimize time.

I would also love to see a single list of available amenities at SC along the route. Pick your acceptable eateries and when you want to eat and let it be part of the equation.

FISHEV | 8 December, 2019

"Tesla does show you round trip range in per cent when you first plug in a destination."

The round trip is at the very bottom and won't display if the Music bar is open at the bottom also.

Sarah R | 8 December, 2019

Route planning is actually a hard problem. If you're picking the easy points and the order they're visited it's much easier. If you've got a "Traveling Salesman Problem" route planning becomes exponentially harder with each stop. It's actually one of the more difficult problems that computer science majors are assigned.

rob.kibler | 8 December, 2019

Abetterrouteplanner has a round trip option. After entering beginning and ending locations, there is a symbol to the right of the end destination that looks like a J with an arrow atop the J. This will add another waypoint to your trip: the starting location, and show you round trip stats.

Tronguy | 8 December, 2019

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