Tesla model Y

Tesla model Y

Does Tesla model Y comes with power liftgate?

Bighorn | 9 December, 2019


vmulla | 9 December, 2019

I thought it was an yes.

Whdame | 9 December, 2019

Yes. It was mentioned several times in videos. one of the videos is during the test drives during the release when the driver tells the passengers in the car that it will be a power lift gate.

BumblebeEV | 9 December, 2019

Finally, some power

Bighorn | 9 December, 2019

Oh wow. I figured it was following the 3’s precedent.

vmulla | 9 December, 2019

EM says Model Y would cost about 5k more than a comparable 3. The lift gate alone would be worth 2K(my opinion) - not a bad price for the Y from that standpoint.

mikeng6274 | 9 December, 2019

I hope it comes with power liftgate.

bryan.whitton | 9 December, 2019

From my inside source, yes it will have a power rear lift gate.

Nexxus | 8 January, 2020

More power!


Like more cowbell!