Another semi competitor

Another semi competitor

Here comes another entrant in the electric Semi market:

Ideas from the Tesla semi:
Wraparound windshield
Center driver’s position
Aerodynamic shape and styling
Big screens for map and 360 degree cameras
“Ready for self driving”

Fresh ideas:
Help me out here guys....

michelrozon | 26 December, 2019

They don't have the Supercharging Network of Tesla!

jimglas | 26 December, 2019

The more the merrier
I hope it doesn’t turn out to be an strong or a taycant

jordanrichard | 26 December, 2019

Well since the Tesla Semi isn’t even in production, in all fairness, it doesn’t exist so there is no competition. The press likes to pit concept/prototype vehicles against each other as if they are real.

jimglas | 26 December, 2019

An strong = etron

jordanrichard | 26 December, 2019

Now of course if this competitor comes with a turbo, then Tesla should start shaking in their boots.

andy.connor.e | 27 December, 2019

Looks like its got the cybertruck front headlight strip bar.

blue adept | 27 December, 2019

Until there's a rolling chassis it isn't a viable concept and until they're rolling around on the roadways and highways they aren't even an actual competitor.

Like @jordanrichard mentioned, it's all just hype, likely spun by a wannabe looking to generate interest in order to encourage investment.