Voice recognition

Voice recognition

Voice recognition worked extremely well until a few weeks ago. Since then, the car can not understand what I am saying which forces me to type in order to use navigation. Even my old 2013 model S could do it much better than this.

EVRider | 28 January, 2020

There are already plenty of threads about that issue. No need to start a new one.

2019davidc2019 | 28 January, 2020

Voice recognition software is very useful for us. We can reuse the data. There are many students are using it like those who face difficulties while speaking. They can use this software for improving their communications. Now mobile applications are also available. | 29 January, 2020

But it does attract the spammers (2019davidc2019).

mhimadri95 | 4 February, 2020

voice recognition technology market to grow at 40.47% to reach Rs 210.63 crore by the end of 2020. Recognition of a voice or speaker is the recognition of a machine or [url=]program[/url] , the ability to accept and interpret diction or to understand and perform spoken commands.