Will TSLA hit $1000? Yes 10-Jun-2020!

Will TSLA hit $1000? Yes 10-Jun-2020!

Hit $1000.00 at about 10:05 am EDT 10-Jun-2020.
Closed at 1,025.05 on 10-Jun-2020.

Ross1 | 19 February, 2020

Wall Street Has a New Big Bull on Tesla
By Lianting Tu
19 February 2020, 18:40 GMT+11 Updated on 19 February 2020, 20:49 GMT+11
Piper Sandler analysts cite batteries, solar power business
Shares gain pre-market and are set to open at a record high
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Tesla Inc.’s potential success in energy generation and storage will be the next big thing to fuel the rally that’s already caused the stock to almost triple in the past year, analysts at Piper Sandler Cos. said as they increased their price target by more than 27%.

Piper raised its target to $928 from $729, making it the most bullish estimate among among those tracked by Bloomberg. The shares -- which have more than doubled in the past four months -- rose 8.1% in pre-market trading and are set to surpass the record high close of $887.06 reached Feb. 4.

“It’s easy to forget that TSLA sells batteries and solar power products; after all, the segment was only 6% of sales in 2019,” analysts Alexander Potter and Winnie Dong wrote in a note Tuesday. “But management says that the solar+storage business will one day rival the Automotive segment, and if this is true, then investors will eventually need to pay attention.”

The rally in Tesla shares picks up steam
In order to gauge Tesla’s chances of success in generating and storing solar power, the analysts recently installed a solar-based system to use for charging a Model X and the results have been “illuminating” so far, they wrote in the note. Piper’s new price estimate implies an 8.1% advance from the last close.

The brokerage raised its Tesla target price twice in January, citing in part the company’s growth potential in China.

The electric-car maker started delivering its China-built Model 3 sedans to local customers last month, a year after its first factory outside the U.S. broke ground. Last year, Tesla delivered a record 367,500 vehicles globally.

The shares gained 7.3% on Tuesday after analysts at Morgan Stanley and Sanford C. Bernstein boosted targets. While Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas reiterated his sell-equivalent recommendation, he nearly doubled his bull case for the shares, citing Tesla’s potential to become a key battery supplier for electric vehicles.

— With assistance by Dana Hull, and Beth Mellor

Ross1 | 19 February, 2020

huh. hmmm. | 19 February, 2020

$940 at this moment in time! | 19 February, 2020

Here are some interesting numbers I pulled together in another thread:

GM is $103B in debt and a market cap of $49B, with sales going down
Ford is $155B in debt and a market cap of $10B, with sales going down
Tesla is $13B in debt and a market cap of $169B, with sales going up every year

Tesla-David | 19 February, 2020

Thanks @TeslaTap, very interesting indeed. These two legacy auto companies are in serious trouble, and Tesla looks and acts like a winner!

TSLA hovering around $920 now, not a bad place to be.

Tesla-David | 19 February, 2020

Thanks @Ross1 for the Cybertruck news. 532,000 reservations is insane. Glad I got my Trimotor CT reservation in early.

Mike83 | 19 February, 2020

Great info about net worth of the auto companies but Tesla is not just an auto company and people are figuring that out now. They may to change the title to when will Tesla hit $2000/share.
BTW My Powerwall is coming, I am adding more solar and they are coming tomorrow to take measurements. Will charge to wife's M3 for no electron costs. Tesla has it figured out in total. What vision!!!

Mike83 | 19 February, 2020

@Tesla-David You got the Trimotor CT. I got the two motor one with FSD. Maybe I'll change it to the trimotor as the 500 mile range and acceleration is incredible.

Tesla-David | 19 February, 2020

@Mike83 congratulations on your upcoming Powerwall-2 and additional solar PV installation. It feels good knowing you are largely independent of grid producing your own energy to operate your home and charge your Tesla's. Last year we ended up 346% (Solar PV production over total electric use), which included our all electric home, charging both Tesla's, and exporting ~50 percent of our excess solar back to grid for others to use. The solar is now ticking back up and yesterday charged up the PW2's to 100 percent, so we are now back to being 100% self powered, and will remain so until the end of October.

Yes, I changed my initial CT order after thinking about it. I couldn't pass up the 500 mile range and stupendous performance of the Trimotor CT.

andy.connor.e | 19 February, 2020

I really would like the extra range. Dont care about the third motor.

jordanrichard | 19 February, 2020

TSLA closed at $912 with after hours at $919.

Ross1 | 20 February, 2020

The German injunction was rusting the market.
Ready for launch now, stock has been test- fired to 969 .
Countdown to ignition.

gihaca2725 | 20 February, 2020

stock ticker BLNK - electric car charging. more teslas sold = more revnue for car charging sector. $$$$$$$$$$$$

Ross1 | 21 February, 2020

Who was the clown said the German situation is of no consequence?
Watching premarket restore the highs.
Rocking horses at 899...7.31 am

andy.connor.e | 21 February, 2020

German factory was a temporary thing. If that brings down the stock, good, buy more. Because its going to bounce back. Already up 15 points pre-market.

Mike83 | 22 February, 2020

@jimglas Tasha is very smart and tough. I like her answers and was quite impressed.

David N | 22 February, 2020

Hanging around that 900+
A hint of good news.... it goes up.
A hint of bad news or goes down a bit.
I’m enjoying the ride. | 8 June, 2020

Today's update: Closed at 949.92 8-Jun-2020.

akgolf | 8 June, 2020

I put a small portion of my IRA into Tesla when I retired, not enough to buy a Model 3.

I now have enough for three Cybertrucks.

fazman | 9 June, 2020

Good luck to you all... not just in TSLA stock but across the entire market. I cashed out of every single share of stock in anything I have. All retirement and personal trading accounts are sitting on cash only.

The only reason the market is up is because of at home “investors” getting suckered into the market. How in the world do you imagine with many well known brands going bankrupt and very high unemployment... that all these companies will be able to pull out of a recession in 6 months?

Anyone sitting on gains should consider the recent rally your second opportunity to exit before the BIG fall. We saw it build up from 1997 —> 1999 and the crash in 2000. We saw it building from 2004 —> 2007 and the crash in 2008. We now have something to blame it on as well. We have an Election in Nov 2020 and we have CoVid-19 + riots/civil unrest. If you can’t read the writing on the wall... you will experience the fun of riding the rocket to the top where it POPs and then reality will set in as all those suckers get wiped out on the long drawn out margin calls on the way down with people trying to catch falling knives...

In general you will probably see the fibonacci retracement back down to 64% down from the all time high whenever it happens (I suspect by Q1 2021).

$1000/share x 36% = $360
$1100/share x 36% = $396
$1200/share x 36% = $432

These would be around the ball park pricing ranges to look to re enter the stock in 2021 (Thats what my tea leaves are predicting).

I have seen this game of musical chairs a few times already... been there... done that... now I learned not to get burned by the fire. Nothing wrong with making money, but they have a saying... greedy pigs get slaughtered.

Ross1 | 9 June, 2020

You have to know when to get off the bus.

akgolf | 9 June, 2020

Still not selling my Tesla stock.

andy.connor.e | 9 June, 2020

the higher the stock, the more powerful the cybertruck

jimglas | 9 June, 2020

I am selling at $4k

SCCRENDO | 9 June, 2020

Thanks for the advice. I think I will stick with my financial advisor for the moment

Ross1 | 10 June, 2020

Premarket nudging $1000 now...

Ross1 | 10 June, 2020


andy.connor.e | 10 June, 2020


TabascoGuy | 10 June, 2020

$1006.78 at 10:15am

Madatgascar | 10 June, 2020

Woo-hoo! I’m holding.

andy.connor.e | 10 June, 2020

The higher the stock price the more powerful the cybertruck

andy.connor.e | 10 June, 2020

Tesla has exceeded Toyota in market cap. Let the reality sink in.

tew ms us | 10 June, 2020

I'm happy to join with the rest of you in thanking President Trump for making our good fortune possible.

SCCRENDO | 10 June, 2020

I'm also happy in thanking President Trump in not fucking this up. Although he has tried hard enough with his COVID negligence, poor Chinese strategy and racism

Madatgascar | 10 June, 2020

In spite of COVID, expiration of tax credits, competition showing up with their EVs, trade war with China, and cratering gas prices. What’s the bear thesis now?

tew ms us | 10 June, 2020

Did you know that merely saying "Joe Biden" will trigger a Fibonacci retracement? Can you imagine the drop voting for him would cause?

SCCRENDO | 10 June, 2020

And now we are trying unrelated irrelevant attacks on Biden. It is Deadly Donald's pandemic, and Deadly Donald's economy at this time

TabascoGuy | 10 June, 2020

Take it outside.

andy.connor.e | 10 June, 2020

52 week low: $207
52 week high: $1011

Pretty amazing.

jimglas | 10 June, 2020

TEW: We have been in a recession since february
BEFORE the lockdown
Trump could only ride Obamas coat tails for so long

andy.connor.e | 10 June, 2020

Stock market crashed in February because there was no direction, action, or plan of what to do about COVID-19. DOW jumped over $1000 as soon as a plan was announced. Lockdown is initiated at the state level, not the presidential level.

Bighorn | 10 June, 2020


rxlawdude | 10 June, 2020

"Stock market crashed in February because there was no direction, action, or plan of what to do about COVID-19. DOW jumped over $1000 as soon as a plan was announced."

Totally ignores the fact we are officially in a recession, record unemployment, and markedly reduced Q2 numbers.

I really want to jump back into TSLA, but I'm patiently waiting for the inevitable correction.

andy.connor.e | 10 June, 2020

its trump!

jordanrichard | 10 June, 2020

Closed today $1025!!!

Orthopod | 10 June, 2020

Those shares I bought at 300.....

akgolf | 10 June, 2020

Put a portion of my retirement IRA in at $228.

teslu3 | 10 June, 2020

Sold some from my IRA. Will buy back in when lower in my Roth IRA.

Ross1 | 11 June, 2020

post no 100: