tesla solar panel installation

tesla solar panel installation

Tesla will be installing my solar next month, just panels no PW

29 on south and 7 on west

They said will take 2.5 days

Anything you can advise me before/during/after installation?


Patrick | 11 February, 2020

Suggest relaxing and enjoying your free juice! Not much to do but watch the installation and get familiar with the inverter reporting system.


gregbrew | 12 February, 2020

Make sure they route your conduits in the least visually obtrusive way as possible. My installers were going to wrap ugly gray plastic conduit around a brick chimney on my newly remodeled $1M house. I purposefully left an empty conduit inside the wall from the main panel to the attic for just that reason, but they ignored it, until I brought up conduit routing.

Also, make sure they install side skirts on the bottom *and sides* of your array(s). In some installations, they omit the side skirts.

If critters on the roof (pigeons, squirrels, roof rats, etc.) are prevalent, they'll find the area under the panels to be a nice cozy place for a nest. They can be quite destructive. Solar City (pre-Tesla) had screens that they could install around the array to exclude critters. It was something they did for free four years ago.

Verify that the little gateway communications box can talk to the inverter *before the installers leave*. The Communications Gateway is how the inverter talks to the Tesla servers so you can get your data in the app. RF communications from the inverter to the Gateway are very twitchy (they use ZigBee), so having a close proximity between the two is a must. Line of sight is best. The connection to your home network router/switch is through a *wired* Ethernet interface. If you don't have a wired connection anywhere near where the inverter is going to be located, now is the time to remedy that. Some have had good luck using a power line Ethernet extender pair that uses your household power wiring. Again, the Communications Gateway does *not* use WiFi.

Talk to your installers before they begin...

dragon_summie | 13 February, 2020

THANK YOU @gregbrew!!!!!!!!

gregbrew | 14 February, 2020

You're welcome. Glad I could help.