Volume Control

Volume Control

I notice my Model 3 Volume defaults to full high. Is there any way to adjust it and save the setting so I’m getting blasted?


DiminishedSeventh | 21 February, 2020

It should remember the last setting you had it on. If not, try a scroll wheel reset. If you’re using Bluetooth audio from the phone, make sure you’re not inadvertently mashing the volume up button on your phone (if it’s in your pocket for example). If the issue persists, make a service appointment.

flybyglass | 21 February, 2020

Thanks I'l check

gmr6415 | 21 February, 2020

@flybyglass, I had a problem with no volume control using the car's controls at all, which may be similar to what you are seeing. I couldn't raise or lower the volume. Mine ended up being my phone was somehow controlling the car's volume control.

I did a hard reboot of the phone and the problem with the car's volume resolved.

SO | 21 February, 2020

And try relinking the phone.

Xkyx91 | 21 February, 2020

I have the same problem with the volume turning all the way up. It usually happens when I use the keyboard on my phone. When it happens I turn my phone to silent and then I can control the sound level again.

sw | 22 February, 2020

I have a problem when I switch from the phone audio back to the radio. I have to have the phone volume louder than the radio, so when I disconnect the phone, the radio is temporarily as high as I had the phone and it's really loud. Only for about a second or two, but it gets your attention.

DiminishedSeventh | 22 February, 2020

@sw try increasing your phone’s volume while on Bluetooth. The phone volume should be independent of the vehicle volume. This should normalize the volume between your inputs.

Ross1 | 23 February, 2020

Dont we all need a 10 year old to explain this new tech?