Model Y ordered on 1/29/2020 is ready for March 2020 delivery. (San Jose area)

Model Y ordered on 1/29/2020 is ready for March 2020 delivery. (San Jose area)

My friend ordered the MY on 1/29/2020 and he got an email saying the car will be ready for a March delivery. That was hardly any wait at all :)

rxlawdude | 26 February, 2020

That's for the performance model. Have not seen anyone with an AWD get the mail.

DiminishedSeventh | 26 February, 2020

Multiple sites reporting LR AWD getting delivery confirmations for March also now.

vmulla | 26 February, 2020

My friend did not order the performance model, just regular AWD. I learned about it because he called me about an hour ago to find out if FSD was a good idea.

pieromontas | 26 February, 2020

Waiting for my RWD LR Model Y delivery date :'(

vmulla | 26 February, 2020

Which area are you at? My friend has the advantage of being from CA. Less than 2 months wait on an MY is crazy!

Joshan | 26 February, 2020

@vmulla he said RWD

Fuzzball | 26 February, 2020

Crazy - was early on M3 - going to wait this one out and see what it looks like with 3rd ROW

vmulla | 26 February, 2020

Thanks for catching that. I'm going to see what happens with my own RWD/7-seater reservation.

For a 3k upgrade the 7 seater option is hard option to give up even if it's an uncomfortable 3rd row. I'm not skimping on 3k when I'm already going to spend 60K.

RichardKJ | 26 February, 2020

I ordered white on white performance Model Y on 1/29 (Palo Alto) and haven't heard anything yet.

john | 26 February, 2020

Ordered my wife's Y on January 30th 2020 and received my email for March delivery. Performance Y in ohio

vmulla | 26 February, 2020

@john, congrats!!

Joseb | 26 February, 2020


jean | 26 February, 2020

In canada will have to be patient

vmulla | 26 February, 2020

Remove the 3rd-row seat option to get the car sooner :)

Ok...but that's a great price for a 3rd row.

WW_spb | 26 February, 2020

3rd raw is waste for car of its size.

vmulla | 26 February, 2020

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | February 26, 2020
3rd raw is waste for car of its size.
It's a nice to have.

It's appealing because it's a inexpensive upgrade considering the cars could be well over 60k. It's also an 3k upgrade that'll increase resale prospects.

Wilber | 26 February, 2020

Good news folks! A guy in the Model Y Facebook group posted an hour ago, that he didnt get any email, BUT checked his account page and it now has Delivery option, and he went thru it all and his delivery is lined up!
I have not received and email, but checked my account a half hour ago and also have the Delivery option! So, i have completed most everything. just need to take photso of my tradein tomorrow morning. My order is White, AWD, white interior, standard wheels ordered Jan 29, 2020. And i added FSD this morning.

dgstan | 26 February, 2020

Wow. That's the first white interior confirmation. I just read through he whole reddit page and no one with white seats got a confirmation.

rxlawdude | 26 February, 2020

@Wilber just beat me to it. I configured and finalized. Now it's waiting.

In my very early (December 2017) Model 3 delivery experience, when you see this ability to configure, it is a matter of a handful of weeks before you get the delivery appointment. Watch, now I jinxed the MY process. :-)

Wilber | 27 February, 2020

Sorry folks, looks like it was a false alarm. Over at the TMC forum people are saying Tesla ordering system had a sofware glitch last nite that allowed many of us to complete order details. This morning the glitch has been fixed, and now i get a message saying that i need to wait to be contacted before completing order info. Oh well, must be patient! today the website says: Next Steps
As your delivery date approaches, we’ll contact you to confirm your registration, payment method and, if applicable, trade-in details.

vmulla | 27 February, 2020

It's all @rxlawdude's fault for jinxing it ;)

Fuzzball | 27 February, 2020

For those of us with little ones and frequent guest visitors, the 3rd row is an extremely valuable option to have to fit the family plus a few, if possible.

Wilber | 27 February, 2020

@vmulla - right, we can blame rxlawdude, but I was the first one to post about it, so it is probably all my fault!

beaver | 28 February, 2020

Bad April Fools joke in February :(
I need the 3rd row, let’s go Tesla! Kids lives matter to