Driving a loaner S today while upgrading hardware to 3.0...

Driving a loaner S today while upgrading hardware to 3.0...

...and after driving the Model 3, the S feels claustrophobic.

Other things I didn't like:

- I can't get the seat to be as comfortable as my 3.
- There were just too many things going on in the in-dash instrument panel.
- It is BIG. It felt like driving a boat.
- I know the S' interior is bigger, and passengers in the back can probably tell the difference, but I had the impression of having less space as the driver than I have in my model 3.
- It didn't feel as powerful as the an AWD 3 (but it's set to Ludicrous and not Ludicrous+)

Anyway, I'm already missing it...

Geico | 26 February, 2020

Surprised you get a loaner, what service center do you go to? They only give me Uber credits. I will agree that Tesla Model S needs an interior design refresh and overall exterior design refresh. The vehicle just doesn't compare too well when you consider the price vs a model 3.

Joshan | 26 February, 2020

@mabuck they see all the stupid shit you say on the forum so your account is flagged "no loaners".

WW_spb | 26 February, 2020

,haha buck troll got screwed

teslamazing | 26 February, 2020

Got a loaner S as well and felt big af

garibaldi | 26 February, 2020

This is the first time I got a loaner. Other times it was always uber credits. I guess I got lucky today.

hokiegir1 | 26 February, 2020

My condolences. I'm not a fan of the S. We had an X loaner once, and that was a little better, but still had a lot going on visually. I much prefer my 3 to either one.

mazers | 26 February, 2020

I had a loaner S for a month while my car was being totaled and really prefer the 3 to it. The technology, center console storage, door storage, sporty feel, ventilation, etc of the 3 is way better in my opinion. I can't wait for the new Model 3 and Model Y to be delivered

rxlawdude | 26 February, 2020

They're very different beasts. For a long road trip, the S is (IMO) superior. For fun "sporty" driving, the M3 excels.

coselectric | 26 February, 2020

@Joshan LOL +100

Geico | 26 February, 2020


That could be why when I get my car back there is always a new dent or ding out of service. I had a good laugh from your post. Haha!

teslamazing | 26 February, 2020

Seen lot of negative posts on service centers. Ours actually picked up the loaner and dropped mine off at my work

howard | 26 February, 2020

Loaners in Denver are on a first come first serve basis. At first, I was told they would get me an Enterprise rental car when I dropped my 3 off for the HW3 upgrade and minor warranty stuff. In the end, there was an S that was just returned and the service advisor quickly walked me out to it. My wife and I both like the ride, quietness, and finishes of the S. I liked the traditional dash display along with the more traditional controls for wiper and TACC/AP. Only drawback was the size.

2015P90DI | 27 February, 2020

These posts are always the same....

Model 3 owner " I borrowed a Model S or a Taycan or a Jaguar, I much prefer the car I spent my money on, my Model 3, the others suck here, there and everywhere"

Model 3 owner " I borrowed a Model 3 or a Taycan or a Jaguar, I much prefer the car I spent my money on, my Model S, the others suck here, there and everywhere"

Taycan owner " I borrowed a Tesla or a Jaguar, I much prefer the car I spent my money on, my Taycan, the others suck here, there and everywhere"

No criticism. Just funny. Don't recall ever reading that a Model 3 owner got a Model S owner and came on here and posted "many I screwed up, I wish I had bought the S" or a Model S owner getting some other car and saying the same thing".

statguy | 27 February, 2020

I'm in St. Louis and have gotten an S loaner each time I had my 3 in for service. I had a P85 and a P85D. I definitely preferred driving the 3 both for handling and the interior, but I'm not sure it's a fair comparison because both of the S's were at least 4 years old and there have been a lot of improvements since then.

M3D | 27 February, 2020

I was given an X for a loaner. it was a lot more beat up than my 3 and tires more worn. Other than that I found the two screens a distraction, something I never would have imagined before getting used to the 3. Some of it is knowing where things are, the other was the clutter of seeing nav in two places etc. I liked the back doors! Acceleration was good, but it feels faster in the 3

Joshan | 27 February, 2020

They gave me a Nissan through Enterprise... kinda stinks but better than Uber!

gparrot | 27 February, 2020

2015P90, I’m your first customer: I shoulda gotten the S I ogled for so long but decided to put the difference in cash in investments for my old(er) age. Today, I seriously bite my tongue...

garibaldi | 27 February, 2020

@2015P90DI haha, it's true. And I thought I was the original one!

It's rare, but it sometimes happen. Here's an I-Pace owner who wished he had bought a Tesla:

By the way, got my car back today with Hardware 3.0. And the result are... cones.

The container on the left? It's a cone. The pillar on the right? Another cone. The weird speed bump? Cone. Everything is a cone!

andy.connor.e | 27 February, 2020

+1 @2015P90DI

jfaubl | 27 February, 2020

How long did they tell you? Heading there tomorrow.

jjgunn | 27 February, 2020

I have an MX

But the NEW MS's with that new power train. 380 miles of range. Yes count me in.

The 3 or MY better for theatre than the X or S

jjgunn | 27 February, 2020

By theatre I mean NF, YT or Hulu

Joshan | 27 February, 2020

@jfaubl they said they hope tomorrow, but not sure yet. They said they wouldn't even be able to touch it today. Weird they had me come in, Enterprise told me they bill Tesla $40 a day for loaners.

M3phan | 27 February, 2020

@ garibaldi, The golden lab squatting on the corner taking a dump? A cone. The redhead jogging on the sidewalk? A cone floating down the sidewalk. Gotta love them cones.

Resist | 27 February, 2020

My Tesla Service Center wouldn't even give me Uber credits, told me I could go rent a car.

jnordland | 27 February, 2020

@ Resist - what was the purpose of your visit? I've not heard of a service center not offering something for transportation. Was it damage or a defect that you caused or Tesla caused?

bappachem | 27 February, 2020

Scheduled for tire rotation and TESLA want to include FSD upgrade in March at Portland/Oregon service center. Purchased on Sept 2018. Not sure why they will need at least 24 hours the work.

Joho.keith | 27 February, 2020

I had a 2013 S until the model 3. I really like each one and it was a bit of a toss up. The quiet and ride of the S is superior to the 3 but the seats on the 3 fit me better. I went to the Santana row store to check out and buy a new S but the narrow seat back and large side bolsters were simply very uncomfortable. My old S seats are very similar to the 3. If your shoulders are wide (not talking overweight :), the S seats are confining. The 3 is easier to park and has a sportier but noisier ride. If the S seats were more comfortable I would have bought it. But, I’m very happy with the 3.