Front passenger safety restraint system fault

Front passenger safety restraint system fault

My model 3 has the following information from yesterday, anybody know why it happens:

Front passenger safety restraint system fault
Contact Tesla Servie

thank you.

billstanton | 9 March, 2020

Yes, this happened to be a bit ago. Some wiring fault. Needs to be fixed to make sure belts and airbags work properly. SC fixed it up overnight. No charge.

sunnyvalley | 9 March, 2020

Thanks @billstanton, this happened two days ago, i just drive the car outside, the message disappear, i will check again, i have scheduled appointment with tesla service center.

majassow | 9 March, 2020

Look underneath the seat for a loose item, it might have disconnected the wiring harness. See if you can reconnect it yourself and save yourself a visit (and potentially a non-warranty service charge).
I had this happen to the passenger seat when a water bottle rolled under the seat.

FrankEGurnee | 19 April, 2020

This happened to me when I moved the passenger seat to the back then the front to vacuum the carpet. After a lot of fiddling, moving the seat back and then all the way up I could see connector up under the front of the seat. One was clearly way out further than an adjacent one. Pushed it in. Unfortunately it didn't "click" which is apparently what the underlying issue is. But now I know.

FISHEV | 19 April, 2020

Just had it a couple weeks ago, apparently a problem with the driver seat wiring harness. I got the fault, made repair appointment on the app and got it fixed.

vmulla | 19 April, 2020

+1 @billstanton

It's probably the wiring harness under the seat.
It has happened to my car, and there are a few other reports on the forum about this alert.

BuffaloBillsFan | 19 April, 2020

Had it fixed free by Tesla mobile service. The sensor had been screwed in backwards. Less than 30 minutes while I was at work. No biggie.

billstanton | 20 April, 2020

@BuffaloBillsFan: "screwed in backwards"...not saying a thing...just sayin'...not saying a thing.

sunshine123 | 10 May, 2020

Just bad luck on me, there were vcfront_a192 error a month back, it cost me more than $1000 fixing the issue after the repair shop identified as rodent chewed the wire.
After the fix, I heard very loud humming sound from the front, repair technician mentioned that it’s normal due to battery management, weird to me, this only happened after the fix, and it’s happening very often now, I really don’t believe it’s normal.
I pretty much parked my car on drive way with protecting covers on. And now I’m getting RCM_a050 error, safety restraint system fault, i have to make another appointment. Is there any place to look up what those error codes mean?

yudansha™ | 26 May, 2020

Was anybody able to fix this on their own?

billstanton | 26 May, 2020

"Needs to be fixed to make sure belts and airbags work properly."

@yudansha: Would you trust yourself to a fix to two safety systems that depend upon one another when you may not know the result until it is too late? And the fix is free? Put on your tombstone "I thought I fixed it".

Just kidding of course. But be safe. My good friend would be dead if it were not for proper airbag deployment and seat belt support. And that was a Ford!

yudansha™ | 26 May, 2020

@billstanton Lol I don't sit in the passenger sit...

BuffaloBillsFan | 26 May, 2020

For me, the fix was free, and they came to my office to correct it. The sensor had been installed bass-ackwards, and a wire came loose. Took all of 15 minutes for the tech to fix, no charge for me, and no problems since then. Oh, and he also fixed a problem with my driver window not opening correctly at no additional cost. I have Had no problem whatsoever with Tesla service Since I bought the car. In fact, I’d say I have never, ever received better service!

Marbix | 26 May, 2020

I'm taking my 3 in to the Santa Ana service center tomorrow morning for the driver's side version of this problem. They didn't offer me a mobile service option.

That damn restraint warning message makes it difficult to see the FSD signal stop warnings pop up in my peripheral vision, LOL.

airick | 9 July, 2020

I had this repaired at service center about a week ago, and now it's happening again! Noooooooo!!!! has this happened to anyone else?