What could be worse than this?

What could be worse than this?

6200 runners
During a pandemics

do humans have brains

Great minds shit alike

jimglas | 21 March, 2020

stupid is as stupid does

SCCRENDO | 21 March, 2020

I think people are pretty much uneducated in viral diseases and spread. I also do not think they have the concept of asymptomatic spread. I think this is just like the antivaxer crowd. They are getting their wish of a bad virus without a vaccine. And they likely believe they can pray the virus away just like they pray the gay away.

Tesla-David | 21 March, 2020

Idiots, as a runner I am embarrassed to see things like this.

Tesla2018 | 21 March, 2020

Just saw that someone in the area that came back from Italy before it was a problem and then started feeling sick once they got back. Him and his wife got tested and he has it and is in the hospital.

Question for the medical experts- You can have this flu for 14 days before you know it. If you get exposed to it and then wind up getting it, from what point are you contageous to others? Is it from the day you are exposed, or from the day you get symptoms, and how long are you contageous to others?

SCCRENDO | 21 March, 2020

Average incubation is 5 days. I think it can be up to 14 days. How long you she’d the virus for afterwards is unknown

rxlawdude | 21 March, 2020

@SCC, they've found RNA from the virus in the stool of "recovered" patients.

This virus is of the "dogshit on the bottom of your shoe" type.

rxlawdude | 21 March, 2020

(To be clear, I was not implying that dogshit is a vector; rather, that this virus is rather difficult to eliminate in the environment.)

neilhamrin | 21 March, 2020

How could this be worse? If #45 got four more years.

Look up interviews with Michael Osterholm, an expert on these things, for info

blkice | 21 March, 2020

#45 is the moisture under dog shit

rxlawdude | 21 March, 2020

@blkice +1

rxlawdude | 21 March, 2020

@blkice +1

Tesla2018 | 21 March, 2020

Could be worse. It was all a plan by former residents of Mars secretly living among us to keeping us inside so that we can't see the alien spaceships coming to take them back to their home planet after seeing that the experment of going to a foreign planet to save themselves from global cooling didn't work.

Orthopod | 21 March, 2020

You can be contagious for up to 14 days during incubation period before showing any symptoms
The average is 5 days

You can expel virus up to 3 months after you have « healed » from the infection period. Thus being contagious for another 3 months.

teslu3 | 22 March, 2020

"former residents of Mars" wised up. War of the Worlds' panic except disease is infecting/killing earthlings.

FISHEV | 22 March, 2020

"You can expel virus up to 3 months after you have « healed » from the infection period. Thus being contagious for another 3 months."

CDC says that you are non-infectious 7 days after having no symptoms from confirmed case.

People with COVID-19 who have stayed home (home isolated) can stop home isolation under the following conditions:

If you will not have a test to determine if you are still contagious, you can leave home after these three things
have happened:

You have had no fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use medicine that
reduces fevers)


other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved)

at least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared

Orthopod | 22 March, 2020

CDC say that

Wuhan microbiologists said otherwise
You can stay contagious for 3 months, intermittentmy expelling micro viral doses

rxlawdude | 22 March, 2020

There's evidence that viral shed in stool continues at least 30 days.

Yodrak. | 22 March, 2020

"You can be contagious for up to 14 days during incubation period before showing any symptoms"

This has been my understanding, and it's one reason why the disease is so difficult to contain - an infected person can be spreading the virus for up to two weeks before there's any indication that they were exposed.

Tesla2018 | 22 March, 2020

Posted by a member of a local car club. Names removed for privacy.

My Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus CoVid-19 Story... WARNING LONG POST ALERT!

My husband has tested positive for CoVid-19. My test was negative, but the health professionals believe I had a false negative result. We got the virus while skiing in the region of Sud Tyrol (South Tyrol) Italy, which didn't have any CoVid-19 cases when we arrived. This isn't our first time there - we've been every year for the past 20+. I've decided to share our story so if anyone else - God forbid - happens to get CoVid-19, you'll know how it started for us, what to expect and know what to do.
Although we are not fully recovered, our CoVid-19 story is now on day 10...
- The first thing we noticed is feeling "off". Just not ourselves, but not feeling horrible.
- Then we felt run down and thought we must be at the beginning stages of the flu.
- Then body aches and headaches started; we believe it might be more than the flu because by the day we left Italy, the region we were in had become a hot zone.

- I called the Florida Dept of Health and let them know we just returned from Italy and that our region became a hot zone for CoVid-19 the day we left. They instructed us to get tested at our local hospital ER which we did.
-his results were positive; mine were negative, but all the health professionals believe I had a false negative result.
- We were asked to quarantine at home which we had been for two days already.
- Results took 36 hours for him and 48 hours for mine.

- It starts with feeling "off"; just not your normal self.
- It graduates to feeling very run down. Thoughts of your last flu experience come to mind.
- Fevers start to increase and will rise and fall slowly or dramatically. Our fevers ranged from 99.0 to 102.7. His fevers have been significantly more dramatic than mine.
- We both have had massive headaches, body aches, significant lethargy, ZERO appetite and always thirsty. Our breathing/respiratory function was good in the first week.
- Overall you feel MISERABLE. It's not as bad as true Influenza, but it's NEVER ENDING. You cannot break the fever no matter what OTC meds you take.
- Headaches for him have been dibilitating. He cannot sleep. I've been able to sleep but still have headaches.
- You have no energy; you don't want to shower. Your sheets are soaked with sweat from the fevers rising and falling constantly.
- Because of no appetite, you aren't eating or eating very little. Fruit has been our best friend - watermelon has been the only thing that I could eat. I've lost 7 lbs already.
- At about day 7, our coughing started. The health professionals say it's the second week when respiratory issues develop.

- This has hit him harder than me. He was admitted to the ER ICU Monday night because the doctors were fearing pneumonia was setting in. Monday night was VERY scary. It was the first time I had to contemplate life without him as the doctors told me this is when they have lost patients.
- My fever is completely gone now. He is still in the hospital, but they've moved him to a regular room instead of ICU thankfully. His oxygen intake has improved and his coughing has quieted somewhat. My coughing is minimal now.
- Even when he comes home from the hospital, we will still be under quarantine. Hebwill have to test negative TWICE before he can be out of quarantine.
- I may have to stay in quarantine for another 14 days once he tests negative to ensure I don't spread it (I'm going to work on getting tested again right after he tests negative twice).

This is a very truncated timeline of what we've been through. I do not wish this on anyone as it is the most MISERABLE health situation we've ever experienced.

There's a lot of misinformation out there and there's a lot of good information. After going through it myself, what I can say is this:

- This virus is NEW to humans. It is HIGHLY contagious and the symptoms seem to NEVER END.
- I believe social distancing is a good idea to help stop the spread.
- The health professionals are dumbfounded as to tell you exactly what to do. The traditional protocols aren't working - e.g., take Ibuprofen for the fever. The fever just won't go away and this is baffling them.
- There's no vaccine nor do we have antibodies (well we will now) to fight it. That's why so many are getting sick.
- I don't think folks should panic. The media has wratcheted this situation to a frenzy and we are seeing how people are reacting stupidly. THERE IS NO NEED FOR EXTRA TOILET PAPER WITH THIS VIRUS!

I also want to talk about how I've seen and experienced directly myself how some think they know-it-all when it comes to this virus. I've been scolded online for having an opinion to take it seriously and providing an article about what's happening in Italy. This shouldn't happen especially by people I know personally. I guess one's true colors tend to show during times of crisis.

I want to thank so many family members and close friends who have been there for us these past 10 days of this nightmare. I cherish all of you.

The FL Department of Health was responsive as well - they've checked on us every day since our tests. And finally, Broward Health Coral Springs - who saw us initially and has kept in touch; and Dr. ...who has been PHENOMENAL in texting me, calling me and providing me all the info I needed. Broward Health even delivered zinc, vitamin D & C, and meds we needed with no delivery charge. The concern and care we've had has been incredible.

I honestly don't know when he will be released. He just text me he's feeling worse again, and he was feeling better this morning. I've joked with him I'm planning a jail break with the file in the cake LOL.

I hope our story helps everyone. Be vigilant, take it seriously, but don't worry unnecessarily. Keep the elderly quarantined for now and don't congregate in large groups for a while. Let's flatten the curve so we all can get back to normal.